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The AI Foundation in Las Vegas, NV focuses on protecting our future. by Val Toch on Unsplash

Sustainable AI

There’s been a rise in the use of AI for malicious purposes such as the spread of fake news.

Even when the news is from a local source, we can't be sure it's true.

Artificial Intelligence is impacting our lives every day.

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation over the years about how AI will change our lives.

It’s a concept that fascinates us.

First, we imagined how incredible it would be to have computers that would be able to think.

They would be able to make decisions using better knowledge and data than we have, and make those decisions faster than we ever could.

Now machines are able to perform very complicated tasks. Facial recognition is an example.

We’ve always been comfortable with machines performing manual repetitive tasks.

Give us a tool that makes our lives easier and we welcome it.

Give us a tool that takes away jobs and we’re a bit more concerned.

There are many things AI can do with superior speed and accuracy.

- Financial analysis is one. We’ve taken full advantage of the technology to make banking and financial transactions quicker and easier for customers.

- Weather forecasting is more accurately done with a larger database and the ability to analyze climate data faster and more accurately.

- They’ve even improved themselves, resulting in supercomputers with computational powers beyond what we previously imagined.

There’s a lot of fear out there.

People worry that robots will take over decision-making to the extent that they will influence our lives in negative ways.

We’ve been allowing artificial intelligence to increasingly make decisions.

They are involved in our lives to the point where some are beginning to question where it will end.

- Giving a computer the responsibility for difficult decisions, such as the decision to pull the trigger in a wartime situation, can be concerning. We are seeing advances in this direction with the creation of Space Force’s automated defense network.

- The snap decision required when an automated vehicle must decide between protecting its passenger or saving a group of pedestrians is something that AI will do and we need to design the decision so it aligns with our values.

The benefits of artificial intelligence are far more important than the concerns.

It can revolutionize humans.

AI is likely to exist within most things that we do in the future, in our workplaces, at home, and in our leisure activities.

The AI Foundation wants to protect us from malicious AI, using a concept called sustainability.

Reality Defender was designed to support us.

What is Sustainable Artificial Intelligence?

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability is not just environmental sustainability.

When it comes to the use of artificial intelligence, sustainability requires that we are able to use AI in meaningful ways while protecting ourselves and others from the dangerous uses of AI.

Sustainable AI is working together, creating practical solutions and tools to ensure this technology doesn’t cause harm to people or society.

beautiful-3066136_1280 by One Go from Pixabay

In general, it will use various techniques to perform this task.

  • breaking down silos
  • improving communication
  • working together on practical tools to detect fakes
  • creating and supporting AI that is meaningful to society

Reality Defender

The AI Foundation has established this technology to detect synthetic media, sometimes known as deep fakes.

It is dedicated to monitoring media and fighting misinformation.

  • It uses algorithms and humans together to fight against fake news.
  • It can identify manipulated content using synthetic media detection algorithms and human analysis.

Reality Defender is continuously evolving to meet the changing threats imposed by the AI fakes.

The AI Foundation acts as a bridge between industry, academia, and philanthropy.

They are a dual-purpose organization as they operate non-profit and for-profit arms under the same roof.

  • Providing connections so that research projects communicate with short-term profit objectives in order to ensure sustainability goals are met.

They are gathering a global AI community of best-in-class researchers, regulatory bodies, governments, and ethicists.

You can apply for access to RD2020 here:


"The term deep fake is typically used to refer to a video that has been edited using an algorithm to replace the person in the original video with someone else (especially a public figure) in a way that makes the video look authentic." Miriam-Webster

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein

The AI Foundation was established in 2017 to find a way to bring together industry, educators, and ethicists and together.

Their goal is to develop artificial intelligence that supports humanity, instead of treating humans as a market to exploit. We need to keep our local values.

Their Twitter account is @aifdn.

"By making it possible for everyone to have their own AI, we're bringing the power and protection of AI to everyone so they can participate fully in the future." @aifdn

Technology | Artificial Intelligence

This company brings a fairly unique way of looking at artificial intelligence.

It also considers a practical approach to controlling this new technology.

They want to keep it from moving entirely into the hands of large corporations.

The AI Foundation is a dual commercial/non-profit organization.

Their headquarters is at 6795 S Edmond St #110, Las Vegas, NV, US (HQ)

They're small, but growing quickly and will soon be available in your local area.

The concept behind the creation of this organization was to find a middle road.

They seek a balance between non-profit, research and development, and the more common commercial uses of artificial intelligence in our society.

Their mission is to “bring the power and protection of AI to everyone in the world so we may all participate fully in the future.” AI Foundation, Media FAQ’s

The Foundation has created a space for collaboration, where ideas are developed and discussed.

They are focused on the long-term impacts of AI on humanity, moving beyond the goals of pure profit.

The Foundation intends to make Personal AI Extensions available to everyone.

The future collaboration of these digital individuals would provide a way to move humanity forward while protecting individuals and communities.

You would be able to create and access your own personal AI extension.

It would act as a 4th brain, looking sounding, and thinking like you.

Only it would be a more logical version of you.

The foundation would map your brain through a custom conversational Q&A process.

These conversations become the link between your biological and digital brain, creating a knowledge base, and learning how your brain works.

What’s a Personal AI Extension?

It’s an extension of your own brain, capable of taking your own ideas into the world.

It’s a way to leave a legacy behind or to share your expertise with a larger number of people than you could manage on your own. This way you could support your community after you are gone.

This personal AI extension might look like this:

  • legacy — you could leave it behind as a representative for future generations, including your memories and experiences from a unique perspective in time.
  • community — you could use your AI extension to communicate your local values to your community after you are unable to communicate them in person.
  • presence — you could be in billions of places at once, sharing your ideas with every location in the world.
  • access — connect with talented and famous people who share their digital expertise, no matter where you live locally.
  • self-improvement — a great example is Digital Deepak (Chopra).
  • entertainment — famous entertainers will be able to preserve their skills and talents at the peak of their successes and we will have access to them.

Well-known mind/body wellness advocate, Deepak Chopra, has collaborated with the AI Foundation to create Digital Deepak.

Wellness Icon Deepak Chopra Launches 'AI Twin' Mental Health App- Bloomberg

Here's another example.

Santa Time

  • Santa Time and the Santa Time app was created to support families during the pandemic.
  • In order to allow children to have access to Santa Claus while maintaining social distancing practices, the AI Foundation created the SantaTimeApp.

This app allowed a real-time video chat with Santa, instead of visiting him in person or even writing him a letter.

He can play games, read a bedtime story, and listen to what you want for Christmas.

This is a great way to keep your children safe.

There's also a Tik Tok account for Santa

It's called the @JollyOldMan.

The TikTok profile showcases Santa ice skating and singing. Some of the content uses AI Foundation’s proprietary "neural rendering technology" to allow him to seem more realistic.

How is this AI different from other companies?

The approach of the AI Foundation is different because it focuses on creating a way for individuals to use AI to extend their purpose in the world, becoming more effective at sharing their gifts and abilities.

They are community-focused, enabling a smaller local group to access information in a meaningful way.

Other companies have taken a more profit-oriented approach in the development of AI.

  • They are focused on enhancing fictional people using AI as a tool, instead of enhancing real people.
  • They are developing automation that replaces humans instead of enhancing human abilities using AI.
  • Instead of mapping existing brains to support ongoing learning, they are focused on creating digital data stores.
  • They are using surgery to implant devices instead of using targeted smart conversations to map your brain and acquire and expand your knowledge.
“AI that is free to support us, not constrained to commoditize us. AI that supports humans in their endeavors, not monetizes their every move. Why be the product when you could be the protagonist — the owner….” AI Foundation, Media FAQ’s

There are many examples of commercial use of artificial intelligence.

Every year, Vegas hosts the Consumer Electronics Show

Artificial intelligence is being packed into new products at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Consumer Electronics Show 2021 — Las Vegas

CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more.
It also includes a conference program where the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers address the industry’s most relevant issues.

Featured products

Moflin AI is a cute pet robot that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to learn motions and make cute sounds.

Timekette Translation M2 Earbuds allow someone to listen to another person speaking in a foreign language and get an instantaneous translation. It can translate over 93 foreign languages.

BioButton from BioIntelliSense works like a sticker to track things like body temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate. It’s a small piece of tech that tracks some of the key indicators of COVID-19.

The CarSmart Watch by Verizon is a simple, easy-to-use watch that is intended to keep the caregivers of seniors informed with emergency SOS notifications.

Other AI Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Integrating AI within your business is beneficial and can streamline workflows. They also support your team in performing repetitive tasks. The top artificial intelligence development companies in Nevada are known for their accuracy and quality.

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I confess I’m feeling a bit behind as I explore and strive to understand the concept of how this new technology will change the world.

It holds such a great capacity to disrupt society in many ways, and we see evidence of its for-profit use in many instances.

I appreciate learning about the existence of the AI Foundation.

I am happy to learn of their unique approach to the development of AI.

They are working toward practical solutions that ensure this technology doesn’t cause harm.

That is welcome news.

A shorter version of this story was previously published by Tree Langdon, the author.

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