New Dogs Are In The House

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Champ and Major take Twitter by storm.

Dogs In The News by Stafford GREEN from Pixabay

The First Dogs are both experienced politicians, eager to get to work.

They appeared in advertisements during the 2020 campaign.

Both were selected as post-election promises to members of the family.

These dogs have taken over Trumps' standing as the most 'pupular' Twitter account.

Champ And Major Biden - @TheFirstDogs (on Twitter)

"We’re The First Good Bois. We’re moving to the White House soon. Our hoomans have decided to get a cat, so they're not all that perfect anymore. Wilmington, DE Joined November 2020"

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It's a good news announcement: Pets are returning to the White House.

It’s been a long four years without a single pet to soften the atmosphere.

It’s the longest period of time in the last 100 years that the House has been empty of pets.

The last pet-less time was in the 1840s, with President J. Polk.

Champ and Major will be the newest dogs to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Most people can relate to the idea of presidential pets.

It changes the image of a President and broadens their appeal.

Pets create a family atmosphere, which will be a welcome change.

During the 2018 election, Biden tweeted:

"Some Americans celebrate #NationalCatDay, some celebrate #NationalDogDay...President Trump celebrates neither. It says a lot. It's time we put a pet back in the White House". Source,

German Shepherds are medium to large size working dogs. They are intelligent, hard-working, and very obedient.

· German shepherds are also highly prized as watchdogs and are often chosen as a guard or search and rescue dogs because of their trainability and intelligence.

· The breed originated in Germany but was also known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog in the UK.

Major and Champ, by

Champ was their first dog.

He is the oldest of the two and Biden’s granddaughters took a big part in naming him.

He was a tiny three-month-old puppy when he came home from a breeder in Pennsylvania.

The name Champ has a lot of family history.

It’s said that Joe’s dad always told him growing up, "Get up champ," whenever he was having a tough time.

The choice to buy Champ from a breeder was a surprise, given Biden’s track record with work on animal-welfare reforms.

That all changed when they adopted their next puppy.

Major was a rescue dog.

The Bidens heard about a litter of shepherd puppies that were given to an animal shelter because they were exposed to something toxic.

Major spent time in the hospital, recovering from his ordeal before being lucky enough to be chosen as a foster pup by the Biden family.

They brought Major home and made the decision to adopt him later that year. Major found his forever home with the Bidens and now he’s going to the White House.

As the first shelter dog to live in the White House, he represents the kindness of the American people.

  • His presence reminds us to take care of the weak and vulnerable, especially animals in need.

That’s a great boon to rescue dogs in the country.

From wags to riches, a dog on the street will be living in the White House.

  • · Yuki was the White House’s first rescue dog. (Lyndon B. Johnson) He was a terrier mix they found at a gas station.
  • · The Clinton’s cat, Socks, was also a rescue.

Major also provides visibility for animal shelters and puts the spotlight on their work.

Joe Biden has been a staunch leader on animal-protection issues and has promoted a number of important animal-welfare reforms in the Senate.

During Covid, there’s been a growing resurgence of pet adoptions.

People seeking companionship embraced shelter dogs.

They also loved the idea that they were saving a life.

More than 1.6 million dogs were adopted last year. Source: the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

It’s exactly the kind of good news story we needed to hear.

The family plans to give the pets their own ‘indoguration’.

And we wholeheartedly approve.

They’re also going to be sworn in as part of the Secret Service, Canine Unit.

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