Why America Lost The War

Tree Langdon

The Mongols couldn't beat them, so why did we think we could?

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In hindsight, America should have stayed out of it.

  • If they had studied the history of Vietnam, they would never have become involved.

The Vietnamese people are the most resilient people I’ve ever met.

Over the centuries, they’ve endured hardships most of us have never imagined.

They have a history of almost continuous occupation.

Some were successful, but only for a period of time.

In the end, the Vietnamese people always prevailed, driving the invaders out.

Over the centuries, they’ve successfully driven out the Mongols, and the Chinese, multiple times.

They became very adept at living under foreign occupation, following the rules, but maintaining their culture and customs.

  • Then came World War II.

When Germany invaded France in 1940, their Japanese allies moved into Vietnam, taking over from the French.

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  • The Vietnamese people were caught in the middle of a world war because they were occupied by France.

Ho Chi Minh Was A Hero

Ho Chi Minh (1890–1969) was a Vietnamese revolutionary and politician.

  • He was born into occupied Vietnam so he learned the rules as a young man.
  • As an adult, he lived in France, China and Russia, was well-traveled and spoke several languages fluently.

In France, he became involved with some Vietnamese nationals who opposed the French occupation of Vietnam.

He was a founding member of the French communist party. (1920)

  • At the time, France controlled Vietnam and Lao as French Indochina.
  • They stripped the people of their rights.
  • France mined the resources and used the people as cheap labor.

Ho Chi Minh continued to be heavily involved in the Communist parties in China and Russia during the '30s.

He was vilified by the Americans as a Communist.

He used Communism as a springboard to resist the French colonialists and free his country.

He lived simply, shunning the trappings of power, and is widely respected as a patriot who fought to free his country from colonialism.

In 1941, Ho Chi Mihn returned home to Vietnam to support the country’s independence movement.

At the end of the war (1945), he was positioned to organize an uprising.

He founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945 by declaring Vietnamese independence. At that time, he began his speech with this quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“All men are created equal.”

Behind the scenes, the invaders weren’t quite ready to give up the jewel of Vietnam.

The Allies met in Berlin and decided to divide Vietnam into two, allowing China to remain in the North, while the British would take the South. They allowed the French to return as colonists, hoping to keep Communism at bay.

The country of Vietnam was divided in two, still occupied by a foreign power.

Ho Chi Minh fought for independence, declaring war on the French in the South in an attempt to bring the country together as a whole.

When the Americans entered the war, he continued to defend his people, trying to gain independence and unite the North and South.

We all know the rest of the story from a Western perspective.

In Vietnam, they called it the AMERICAN WAR.

It took the end of the American war to achieve the independence of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh's life goal was to increase the standard of living for everyone, especially the poor.

He remained strong and determined until the end.

In 1975, after the American withdrawal, North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon and it was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in his memory. He devoted his life to a united Vietnam but didn’t live to see it.

Today, Ho Chi Minh is highly respected and considered the father of modern Vietnam because of his devotion to the independence of his people.

Ho Chi Minh is a hero.

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