6 Boho Style Tips To Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Nest

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What’s better than returning to a comfortable and cozy home after a long day of work?

Nowadays there are several styles to embellish a home to choose from. And while most of them have specific rules to follow, the bohemian style lets you express all your creativity and taste for the unusual.

The boho style is inspired by the gypsy traveler from the Bohemia region in the Czech Republic. The french word bohémien later became a way to call artists, writers, and musicians who used to conduct a nomadic and needy life.

The beat generation in the 1950s and the following hippy movement in the 1960s and ’70s made the boho style theirs. Nowadays, the bohemian style isn’t only a way to decorate houses but also a fashion of dressing and living.

How can the boho style turn your sterile and cold house into an eclectic and welcoming home?

“There’s no place like home.” Dorothy — The Wizard of Oz (1939)

1. Mix and match

The first secret of creating a house in perfect bohemian style is to not be afraid of combining extremely different materials and textures.

Natural-looking burlap and hemp can be mixed with fancy chenille and elegant silk.

Do not hesitate to add crochet pieces, fringes clothes, and grandma’s favorite macramé.

Overflow rooms with pillows, curtains, colorful rugs. Pick worn-looking fabrics and decorative materials, leave brand new and shiny objects on the store shelves.

Natural elements lovers will find the perfect look for their houses too: a rattan chair, a sisal rug, and a macramé plant. The game is made!

Every room can be adapted to the boho style, even an office space!

The bohemian style espouses the “more is more” philosophy.

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2. Bohemian colors

Different colors and patterns can be wisely matched in the boho style.

Think out of the box and combine unconventional colors, create layers of tones, and let every surface be covered with rugs, paints, woven wall decor, or pillows.

Mix warm and earthy colors with metallics and jewel tones.

Don’t be afraid to add some florals and bright colors paisleys or geometric patterns. Go ethnic with tribal and animalier prints.

Create a base where the primary colors are deep browns, greens, and grays. Then free your creativity, add bold tones like saturated purple, blazing orange, and electric blue objects and accessories.

Keep in mind that white is a color too, use it to create some visual space, avoid black as much as you can.

3. Feel exotic

The bohemian look is the travelers’ style, so why not adding something exotic to your home?

From Moroccan lanterns to Buddha statues, Thailandese prints, and Chinese vases, small pieces of foreign countries you visited and fell in love with in the past.

Exotic decorations aren’t only Persian carpets and “1.001 nights” style lantern. Fulfill your cupboard with terracotta plates and cutlery made of wood and golden metal, add some colorful African style pillows, and a wooden coffee table to furnish both the kitchen and living room.

Not ready for bold colors and ethnic stuff? The Scandinavian boho style can help you out! It is the perfect combination of minimalist trends and rule-free design. Characterized by neutral walls, handcrafted decorative items, bold patterns, luxurious textures, plants, and clean-lined minimalistic furniture.

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4. Vintage or handmade

Flea markets are full of pieces perfect for decorating your home sweet home in boho style.

Furniture and decorative objects don’t need to be perfect or match your home style as long as they have a story to share and visual value to add to your rooms.

Look out for articles made of wood or natural materials, metallic lamps, or candlestick holders.

If you find something pretty but damaged, see if you can fix it and paint it! Everything it’s up to your imagination in the bohemian style.

Handmade macramè wall decorations are also easy to find at the local street markets.

Stop at the thrift shop for cheap second-hand rugs to combine to create a cozy atmosphere.

5. Furniture and accessories

Throw rugs on other rugs. Play with carpets layers mixing colorful ones on top of plain warm colors and natural fibers rugs.

Then, add low floor pillows, poufs, bean bag chairs, daybeds, and soft ottomans to create a laid back atmosphere where you and your guest can relax and chat.

Furniture can be colorful and covered in patterned paper.

Second-hand wardrobes and beds, rustic bookcases stuffed with old books, and unique pieces you collected personally during the years. You can personalize every room with meaningful objects with a fascinating and mysterious past.

Accessories don’t have to be in order; books can be piled up on top of the other.

Sofa and armchairs stuffed with soft pillows. The details really make the difference here. Choose scatter cushions in bright colors or with bold patterns and made with soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk!

Add animalier prints, mirrors, and eclectic paints on the wall to fill in the space when colorful wallpaper seems to not be enough.

6. Plants and lightning

Green leaf plants everywhere!

Plants are synonymous with positive vibes and life. Some boho style rooms look like small jungles with tons of houseplants as the Ponytail Palm, Chinese evergreen, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Calathea.

Plants can also be fixed on the walls (Ivy), put on suspended vases covered in macramé (like Tillandsia), or used as a centerpiece (Succulents).

Plants need a lot of natural light, place them close to the windows, and use lamps to illuminate the darkest spot inside the house.

Be creative with lightning!

Floor and table lamps, lanterns, and candles can be mixed and matched to create light tricks and a warm atmosphere.

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The bohemian style is perfect for anyone, as it can be easily adapted to personal tastes.

Personal or second-hand objects, colorful and ethnic furniture or natural Scandinavian boho style, used the right way, can turn an empty house into a cozy nest to return to rest or meet friends.

Are you going boho too?

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