Is Perth Really Only a Quiet Place for Retirement? Check Out the Best 4 To-Gos to Have Your Answer!


Just coming back from Bangkok, I was telling my best friend I was going to fly to Australia the next week. ‘OMG! Are you going to Sydney or Melbourne?’ ‘Nahh, I am heading to Perth where it is the opposite in the west side instead.’ ‘Oh really?! Just Perth? But you must be having a long trip this time!’ ‘Umm…unfortunately not. Just for 4 days.’ ‘Are you kidding me? You're gonna have an almost-8-hour flight to spend just 4 days there?’ Recalling this exact conversation during the wild summer in 2019, you can tell how much I am into travelling as well as how desperate I am right now without flying here and there. Being my first time going to the Southern Hemisphere, I looked over and over for travel guides and blogs related to Perth for a better itinerary. Scrolling through a few pages, the majority of the comments were about Perth being a hushed city for you to enjoy the slow living pace and you won’t need a long time to explore around as tourists. Is that true? Perhaps you can make a better conclusion after reading about my journey.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Never have I been that close to wildlife animals until I got to this wildlife park in Perth. It was indeed totally different from all other zoos I have visited before where animals are keeping distance from us mostly staying in a restricted zone. Here you could see animals going freely everywhere and around you! Kangaroos, being the animal representative of Australia, were of course the most popular ones in the park. The best way to stop them from hopping around and be interactive with you is to bring them food. It was more than lovely to see them chewing the food on your palm so don’t forget this feeding part! We even spotted a joey (baby kangaroo) staying in the mother’s pouch near us. It is not easy to see them together. What a lucky day!

Walking to another zone, the koalas were way too cute that I definitely melted too. Other than the two gangs with one sitting on the tree branches eating leaves or sleeping while another actively moving and climbing between trunks, there were a few koalas on the other side for visitors to get an even closer look. The instructor coached us to put the back of our hands on the soft short fur and stroke it. I was seriously more excited than the 6-year-old kid next to me. Surely there are a lot more special breeds to discover. Animal lovers, you are not gonna miss this park!

Kings Park

Kings Park is one of the world’s largest and most stunning botanic gardens located in the heart of the city. Containing more than 320 plant species and over 70 bird species in the natural bushland and gardens, it has become a valuable asset to the city. The rich biodiversity does not only attract travellers around the world, but it is also a popular place among the locals for having a picnic date or walking their puppies. I could possibly spend hours slowly exploring the garden, with one side showcasing the gorgeous city skyline and commercial buildings while another with the shimmering sea and nature. If I were living here in Perth, this park would be one of my most frequently visited places whenever I want to have a nice jog or in need of a break from the hectic routine. Sometimes I do believe nature and greenery have some kind of unique power to help us recharge or give us the momentum to go on with our ups and downs.


A perfect town to chill out and make a day trip! Finding treasures from the local handicraft shops; laying on the grassland in Esplanade Park feeling the freedom; looking at the turning ferris wheel by the side; getting yourselves the signature fish and chips; visit the weekend market...there are countless things to do and see in Fremantle. Little Creatures is somewhere I have to mention. They sell their branded handcrafted beer right next to the calming sea. I personally love their different seating and interior design a lot, not to mention their signature beer and the chocolate waffles with vanilla ice-cream on top.

Enjoying sunset before ending this day trip is a must. I took the CAT bus to the South Beach and arrived at the right time. The painting-like glow from the sky has totally lit me up while it was too cozy to indulge myself in the waves and breeze. Nothing could beat this beloved scene.

Tip: The CAT bus routes here are totally FREE for all! You could preview the bus timetable and stops to better plan your itinerary with the offer of the bus services. If you have no idea where to visit, getting on one of them for rounds of the city view here is pretty good too.

Elizabeth Quay

It is a modernly designed bridge with two leaning curves on the side built on the water. Walking on it feels magic as the neon lights are installed on the curves and along the bridge so the colours around you are also changing during your walk. What’s more, it is designed to be the best position viewing the twinkling lights from the groups of skyscrapers in Perth. Next to it is the Port of Perth where you can hop on a ferry and enjoy a little ride. We got on at the golden hour and appreciated the quiet afterglow on the other side at the Sir James Mitchell Park before getting back. Instead of taking some more snaps, I prefer taking the photos of memory with my own eyes this time to remember my first short trip to Australia. If you have more time, I would suggest coming to this side in the early afternoon to discover nearby attractions and some of the best restaurants in town. Returning to the pier at sunset with the night view in Elizabeth Quay would be cool enough.

I just could not get enough of the awesome weather there and some other parts of my journey in Perth. Rottnest Island is a place that was forced to be cancelled from my itinerary due to the lack of time. I hope to return during summer days next time to better enjoy all water activities like kayaking on the island. And of course, to get selfies with the happiest animal on Earth quokka! Would you wanna visit Perth?

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