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Calling for cafeholic! Whenever we talk about South Korea, what comes to our mind would be mostly about K-pop, K-drama, shopping paradise and mouth-watering food everywhere. But why not take some time to feel the layback vibes and appreciate the local cafes in Korea which are all one of a kind and always bring surprises to you. Probably being the only trip I have been on in 2020, I am thankful for a taste of living in this vibrant country for a month, for all the amazing people I have met, for all the crazy moments I could never forget and of course, for my wanderlust making this best decision of the year. Other than this list of cafe goals, I am gonna post more about the itineraries and experiences for the one-month stay in South Korea soon so remember to stay tuned! With the Covid situation going on and off, what we can do is just to be patient, hope for the best and save the to-go list below in your pocket for the upcoming journey! So are you ready for a virtual visit to these lovely cafes first? Let’s go!

Cafe the Container

With a giant fruit basket outlook in bright orange colour, this cafe is absolutely eye-catching in the middle of the main road. Mandarins being the symbol of Jeju Island, all drinks and desserts of this cafe come from their own large piece of mandarin farm right next to the indoor seating. Many, both the locals and tourists, are tempted and attracted by its drinks including mandarin soda, juice and latte.


What I like most is its idea of combining the dining experience for a cozy tea break together with some interesting fruit-picking experience. Customers are able to bring some of the sweetest mandarins back home as souvenirs! The staff would provide you with simple tools and instructions on how to pick the fruits, then you may get lost in the farm getting a lovely gift for your family and friends. Of course, it has become a famous instagrammable spot since its opening! It’s not difficult to get over a hundred new photos in your album after your visit as some props like orange hats and shovels are even provided for your cute and perfect snapshots. Although it is not near the main city centre of the island, spending a few hours away from the urban life in nature is always a good travel idea.

Address: 513, Hamwa-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-do


Moonlight cafe

Located right next to the entrance of Jeju’s signature Black Pork Street, the moonlight cafe with its neon light sign in pink is easy to spot and get to! Being the only cafe opening at 11pm, it easily caught our attention and we decided to give it a go without a second thought even when we were actually heading back to our hostel as we were leaving Jeju the next morning. Always live with no regrets! Unlike an usual cafe as it looks on the outside, the interior design is simple yet so chic and stylish. There was a great deal of selection of drinks. We had no idea but to ask for some recommendations which is always my usual practice during trips. The two unexpected big cups of hot flavoured latte gave us so much warmth on a cold night. Some salty crisps were also provided together with the drinks for us to better match with the sweetness. We were sitting next to its signature romantic quote ‘I think of you every single night when I see the moonlight’ in pinky LED lights, not talking or thinking but simply enjoying the little moments. Along with the owner’s pick of niche K-pop songs, it was giving us so much good vibes that we got too indulged and didn’t even notice the time to leave.

Name of cafe: 달빛머금은

Address: 19 Jungang-ro 3-gil, Geonip-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do


Cafe Rooftop

Is there anyone who feels healed when looking at the sea like I do? If you are one of them, this cafe in Busan must be your goal! The moment when I got up there, I was immediately and profoundly attached to the boundless sea view. The double-deck cafe with all the detailed and comfy interior designs makes the best use of the natural sunlight. Splashing golden sunshine on top of the peaceful waves, it kept blinking and glittering like thousands of stars in front of me.


Nothing feels better having a fresh full all-day breakfast with some hot latte, laying back on the sun chair after and feeling the breeze on the rooftop floor. I would suggest going for a visit in the morning but I believe the sunset view there would be equally gorgeous too! There is a skywalk nearby so you may also check it out after the brunch as you plan your itinerary. I have also dreamed of having my own cafe or home by the sea one day and this could be my inspiration to work towards. Passionately sharing the happiness from what I love would always be my kind of meaning of life and may my dream come true in the future.

Address: 139-4 Cheongsapo-ro, Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan



Exploring Seoul in the last few days before heading back to Hong Kong, we spotted this cafe in Itaewon featuring Swedish home decoration. Similar to the last cafe, the surprise is on the rooftop. Getting back to the city, instead of the sea, you could see blocks of houses and buildings as well as the popular N Seoul Tower from afar. What a view! It felt completely different but still amazing. No matter what time you are there, day or night, you can never take your eyes off it. We have even stayed for the whole afternoon until the sky got dark. In case you get too cold in the winter, the cafe is so thoughtful to provide some blankets on a self-serving basis for your own use.

Address: 229-17 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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