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This Might be the Strangest Park in New Jersey

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History is abundant in the Garden State and there are quite a few historically significant sites throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey was home to the nation’s first Native American reservation and Thomas Edison patented more than 400 unique creations in his Menlo Park laboratory.

These are all well-known facts, but some Garden State historic sites are just downright strange.
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Take the Telephone Pole Farm in Chester Township for instance–this may be the strangest park in all of New Jersey.

The Telephone Pole Farm was once a Bell Telephone Company testing site created in the 1920s. The poles were used as a training ground and a climbing school for utility pole workers to practice. There are approximately 700 poles located here that range in size from about 2 feet all the way up to 8 feet tall.
Photo byLiz Grant/Unsplash

The former test site has been a destination for visitors to Chester Township since its launch in the 1920s attracting scientists, engineers, and curious minds from around the world. The research gathered from the Telephone Pole Farm has played an important role in developing and creating our modern infrastructure.

In 2004, the Telephone Pole Farm was incorporated into Highlands Ridge Park and is now a terrific spot for families, hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, and those who are fascinated by strange attractions.
Photo byGrace Kinne/Unsplash

What do you think? Did you know New Jersey was home to this strange Telephone Pole Farm? Would you ever visit? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Address: County Rd 510, Chester, NJ 07930.

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