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This Abandoned Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in Ohio

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Ohio is home to its fair share of abandoned buildings and ghost towns but none are quite as creepy as this abandoned hospital that can be found in Stark County. Keep reading to learn more.

Photo byShelby Patton/Unsplash

Known as the Molly Stark Hospital, this long-forgotten facility is located within the city of Louisville, about 40 minutes south of Akron.

Filled with decaying structures, empty hallways, and rumored to be haunted–this is easily one of Ohio's creepiest abandoned buildings.

The hospital was built back in the 1920s with a Spanish revival style of architecture which can be seen from its elaborate balconies, arched column windows, and stucco roof tiles.

Photo byZac Riter/Unsplash

The hospital was open during a time when the primary medical cure for tuberculosis was nothing more than sunlight, fresh air, and some basic medicines. Molly Stark Hospital was known for being at the forefront of this type of treatment.

The hospital thrived throughout most of the 20th century but was eventually forced to close in the 1990s. It has sat virtually vacant for nearly 30 years now.

Today, the abandoned facility is surrounded by a public park but trespassing inside is strictly prohibited. The hospital is filled with asbestos and rumors suggest a haunted spirit resides within the walls.

Photo byJason Pap/Unsplash

To see more of this fascinating building, be sure to check out the drone footage that was uploaded to YouTube a few years ago:

What do you think? Have you ever heard of the Molly Stark Hospital? Do you believe it is haunted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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