This Iconic Wisconsin Restaurant is Known for One Single Menu Item

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Finding a restaurant that's been making traditional food the same way for generations is not so easy.

Old-school and family-owned, these beloved restaurants are often preferred over corporate chains for their authenticity, community orientation, and friendlier service.
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Norske Nook is one of those places. This iconic Norwegian restaurant and bakery has been open for over 40 years now and operates three locations throughout Wisconsin in Osseo, Rice Lake, and Deforest.

From burgers and steaks to pies and Scandinavian meatballs, Norske Nook offers the best comfort food within a cozy setting that will have you feeling like you took a trip to Grandma's.
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The real star of the show here however is the incredible lefse, which has won countless awards and national competitions.

What sets these apart from traditional American-made bread is the way it is prepared. Norske Nook uses the traditional Norwegian flatbread that requires a light kneading hand to produce.
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The traditional Norwegian way yields a perfectly griddled flatbread that's used to create delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for guests.
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Choose between lefse-wrapped breakfast burritos, BLT and chicken wraps, even a lefse burger wrap.

The best part of all is Norske offers their lefse wraps to go so you can take some home with you and make your own wraps whenever you want.
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If you love good old-fashioned comfort food with a bit of a twist, Norske Nook is the perfect restaurant to head to. Their hours vary depending on which location you visit so be sure to head to their official site here to learn more.

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