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This Abandoned Upstate New York Video Store Still has VHS Tapes on the Shelves

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Talk about the ultimate time capsule, there's actually an abandoned video store in Oneida County that's still completely full of old VHS tapes.

Photo byWilliam Gellar/Unsplash

TNT Video in Utica can be found along Varick Street, across the street from Lukin's Brick Oven Pizza and next to the new HK Restaurant & Lounge.

Like so many other video stores, TNT is no longer in business but unlike most, it sits completely frozen in time. Old movie displays and posters, a 90s-era desktop computer, and dozens upon dozens of old VHS tapes can still be seen from the store window when you peer inside.

Photo byBill Jennings/Unsplash

Until just recently, the sign that hung above the building still swung prominently in the wind. It now looks as if the sign has either been removed or stolen.

Photo byAngel Hernandez/Unsplash

Nevertheless, this old video shop remains a fascinating relic of the past but leaves us with so many questions.

Who owns this building? Why was everything inside left virtually untouched? And how on Earth has it not yet been broken into completely, considering how busy of a street Varick is?

According to a thread found on Reddit, TNT Video closed abruptly back in 2005, nearly two decades ago. But, as one Redditor points out, "it also looks like it may go back further than 2005, most of those "New Releases" are from the mid-'90s. What a neat time capsule."

Photo byGrace Morris/Unsplash

Did you ever visit TNT Video when it was still in business? Have you ever gotten the chance to walk past it today? Let us know in the comments.

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