7 of the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Kansas

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When it comes to abandoned places, we always find ourselves fascinated by the history behind them, no matter how creepy they may be.

Fighting against time and decaying under rust and overgrown brush, the ruins of these places are captivating and the ones we'll be discussing in this article are no exception. Keep reading to learn more about the seven creepiest abandoned places in Kansas.

Diamond Springs

Photo bySteven Li/Unsplash

Diamond Springs was once a thriving community in the early 1800s located along the Santa Fe Trail. In 1863, a violent attack resulted in a riot that included numerous robberies, murders, and arson. The town never fully recovered and has sat virtually vacant ever since.

Sumner Elementary School | Topeka

Photo byEric Manno/Unsplash

Sumner Elementary School has a problematic history. During racial segregation in America, an African-American student named Linda Brown was rejected from enrolling at the school. The rejection led to the infamous Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954. The school eventually closed permanently in 1996 and has sat abandoned ever since. In 2009 the property was purchased by a Christian Church but plans for remodeling have yet to come to fruition.


Photo byBrandon Mann/Unsplash

Bavaria is a small town located along the Union Pacific Railroad. At its peak, the town was home to 150 residents back in 1880. Nobody really knows why the town was eventually abandoned. Today, Bavaria is filled with nothing more than deteriorating old buildings.

Sauer Castle | Kansas City

Photo byJess Geller/Unsplash

The Sauer Castle is an intricate 19th-century Italianate home that was constructed in 1873. Today, Carl Lopp, the great-great-grandson of the original owner, holds the deed to the property. Carl had plans to restore the property but was a victim of a $300,000 theft from a caretaker. Multiple rumors of ghost stories and vandalism have plagued the property which is listed for a price of $10 million that the city is trying to reclaim ownership of. Until then, the castle continues to sit in decaying ruins.


Photo byBailey Price/Unsplash

Bushong is a city located along the Missouri Pacific Railroad that experienced prosperity throughout the early 1920s until a raging fire burned down most of the downtown area. With a lack of resources and funds, the residents moved out of town and slowly Bushong became virtually vacant. Today, a few people still live in the area but you can still explore the deteriorated remnants of the town.

Le Hunt |Sycamore

Photo byJosh Stokes/Unsplash

A long-abandoned town that is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Bohr, an employee of the now-defunct United Kansas Portland Cement Company. Legend has it he was killed after falling into a vat of concrete, his body was never recovered. If you were to visit Le Hunt today you can still see the wheelbarrow, pick, and shovel encapsulated on the wall of the abandoned factory.

Atlas E Missile Base | Osage City

Photo byTom Miranda/Unsplash

There's nothing quite as creepy as a deserted Missile Base that once specialized in Cold War missiles. The base has been closed and left abandoned for several decades now but is currently listed for sale for $265,000.

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