This Entire Neighborhood in Ohio is Eerily Abandoned

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Ohio is home to dozens of abandoned places. As industry changes and the landscape of America transforms, many communities, buildings, and sometimes entire towns fall into decay.

This is the story of an entire abandoned neighborhood on North Bass Island. What was once a thriving community now sits in abandoned ruins. Keep reading to learn more.
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North Bass Island is a primitive 593-foot state park that can be found within Lake Erie.

The community was founded in 1864 with the establishment of an official post office. The island was primarily used as a vineyard and never became commercially developed.
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Populations have dwindled throughout the last century and as of 2007, the island was home to just 24 people. It has been discovered that on one side of the island, there is an old neighborhood filled with several deserted homes that are slowly decaying and being overtaken by nature.
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For those looking to explore the area, getting here isn't too difficult. A landing strip has been built to accommodate boats, canoes, or kayaks.

While the reason behind this neighborhood's abandonment remains unclear, its speculated most residents fled in the early 20th century for opportunities elsewhere.
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Today, North Bass Island remains a fascinating trip back in time for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors and history of Ohio. The island features one of the country's oldest single-room schoolhouses that is still operating. It has since been added to the National Register of Historic Places.
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To see more of the abandoned neighborhood, be sure to check out this fascinating video uploaded to YouTube.

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