Pottersville, NY

This Abandoned New York Town is One of the Eeriest Places in the Country

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When it comes to abandoned towns, we always find ourselves fascinated by the history behind them, no matter how creepy they may be.

Fighting against time and decaying under rust and overgrown brush, the ruins of these ghost towns are captivating and the one we'll be discussing in this article is no exception. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Pottersville village can be found off of Lundy Road near Kingston, New York in northeastern Warren County.

This was once a very average upstate NY community until a devastating flood took over in 1927 that nearly destroyed it.

Since then, the town has also been rumored to be haunted. According to legends circulated online, a case of awful murders took place here sometime in the mid-twentieth century. The story claims that a resident living in Pottersville killed every member of his family before eventually shooting himself.

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Over the years, those that have explored the nearby hiking trails here have reported seeing floating objects and ghosts that are assumed to be the murdered family members.

Today, all that remains of this abandoned community are a few foundations of the homes and garages that were once here but mostly every building that once stood has been demolished.

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Come nighttime, Pottersville remains an eerie destination that attracts visitors from near and far looking to experience something paranormal.

Have you ever heard of this ghost town hiding just outside of Albany? Would you ever be interested in visiting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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