This Abandoned Colorado Town is Considered One of the Most Contaminated Sites in the Country

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As landscapes change and industry changes, many towns and neighborhoods throughout America have become forgotten. The state of Colorado contains an estimated 1,500 ghost towns–one of the highest in the nation.

In this article we'll be discussing one of the most fascinating abandoned towns with a toxic history, keep reading to learn more.
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Gilman, Colorado was once a thriving mining town founded during the Silver Boom of 1886. It was located in southeastern Eagle County.

At its peak, the town was home to hundreds of residents. Gilman also contained an abundance of jobs, a school, a bowling alley, and a grocery store.
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During much of the 20th century, Gilman was a mecca for mining and turned out a staggering 10 million tons of silver, gold, copper, zinc, and lead during its operation.

Mines eventually began to dry up and most residents left Gilman behind for other opportunities during the 1960s. By the year 1984, the Eagle Mine closed permanently and only a fraction of residents remained.
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A few years later, the Environmental Protection Agency made a disturbing discovery. It had been found that the area contained toxic pollutants and nearly 8 million tons of mine waste which lead to an immediate and mandatory evacuation of the town.
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Today, Gilman sits abandoned slowly decaying on private property and is strictly off-limits to the public. However, if you'd like to learn and see more of the intriguing abandoned community of Gilman, be sure to check out this video uploaded to YouTube this year.

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