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This Diner Has Been Named the Best in Pennsylvania

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Diners have been a quintessential part of the American dining experience for decades. During the past century, they've become known for their large menu, homemade desserts, friendly service, and old-school ambiance.

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast at 1 am or a juicy BLT for lunch, you can find a diner in just about every corner of Pennsylvania. But not all diners are created equally. According to the online media publication Food & Wine, there's one diner in Pennsylvania that is a winning favorite.
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Dutch Eating Place in Philadelphia has been dubbed the best diner in the entire state.

Located within the Reading Terminal Market, Dutch Eating Place is a popular food counter offering homestyle breakfast and lunch. This small joint has become known for its incredibly friendly service and a menu that is filled with countless delicious options.
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Reading Terminal Market is known to be crowded and you'll find that most visitors here are waiting in line for the Dutch Eating Place just waiting to get their fix of classic Pennsylvania Dutch fare. While it can get crowded at times, you can bet that the service here is always fast and efficient so you never have to wait too long.

Another huge draw to Dutch Eating Place is the prices. In this day and age, it seems like every restaurant has been affected by inflation but Dutch Eating definitely remains an exception. Everything on their menu is priced at under 10 bucks.
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Some of their most popular menu items include their apple dumplings, french toast, scrapple, and the classic Reuben sandwich served with a side of natural-cut fries.
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If you're a foodie who loves comfort food, you're gonna want to check this incredible Pennsylvania diner out. Dutch Eating Place is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 am until 3 pm and every Thursday through Saturday from 8 am until 5 pm. To learn more, you can visit their official Facebook page here.

Address: 1136 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

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