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Explore an Abandoned Concrete City Hidden in Pennsylvania

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For the adventurous and the brave, exploring ghost towns is an enjoyable hobby. There are several ghost towns in Pennsylvania with questionable stories of abandonment but the following may be the most fascinating of them all, keep reading to learn more.

Nestled within the hills of Nanticoke, a city in Luzerne County just outside of Wilkes-Barre, sits an abandoned neighborhood with a fascinating past and questionable future.
Photo byJerry Garrison/Unsplash

Known as Concrete City, this neighborhood was built in 1911 with the intention of providing modern housing options for employees of a local coal mine.

There are nearly 20 duplexes on the lot all made entirely of concrete–a new type of architecture at the time that made them nearly indestructible.
Photo byNanticoke Historical Society/Unsplash

These concrete homes were spread across a courtyard area which also comprised of a pool, baseball field, and tennis court.

Once people began to move in, complaints of an ever-present dampness began to circulate. Not too late afterward, a tragic death of a young boy occurred in the community's swimming pool.

Eventually, the area became uncomfortable and unlivable due to the way it was constructed. About a decade later, the neighborhood was completely abandoned.
Photo byCarol Meyers/unsplash

Attempts to demolish the properties with dynamite were tried but never fully accomplished. Today, these decaying structures sit vacant in the woods slowly being reclaimed by nature and covered in graffiti.

Have you ever heard of this creepy concrete city? Would you ever explore it? Let us know in the comments section.

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