This Pizza Has Been Named the Best in Florida

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Florida is a state abundant with pizza options and with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to discern which pizza parlors are good, and which ones are great.

That's why articles like this one published by Food & Wine come in handy. Singling out one pizzeria and deeming it "the best" is no easy feat, but that's exactly what the online media website has done. The article published earlier this year highlights the best pizza in all 50 states and the winner for Florida is Miami's Mister O1. Keep reading to learn more.
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In 2014, the first Mister O1 pizzeria opened in Miami as a tiny 18-seat restaurant tucked inside of a South Beach office building. “We are that famous hidden place” is still the infamous tagline for Mister O1. In just a couple of years, Mister O1 went on to open a few more restaurants in Miami's financial and art districts.

Today, Mister O1 operates over 10 locations throughout Florida and the world. The franchise is considered one of the most beloved in the entire state.
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Mister O1 is named for the O-1 Visa granted to chef and owner Renato Viola, a well-known pizza maker from Southern Italy. Viola was born with a passion for cooking and can remember helping his mom make pizza dough as early as age 4.

No matter what location you visit you can expect the same concept and delicious pies throughout. Viola’s favorite menu item is his award-winning Star Luca–a star-shaped pizza that is filled with creamy ricotta cheese, spicy salami Calabrese, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. This was the very first out-of-the-ordinary pie he created.
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Other must-try pizzas include the Marco, which contains mozzarella stracciatella cheese, arugula, and tomatoes; the Ginger Lilliam, which is topped with mozzarella stracciatella, black pepper, basil, and organic ginger; and their delicious dessert pies topped with Nutella.
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To learn more about Mister O1, their locations, and menu, be sure to visit their official site here.

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