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This Might Be the Most Fascinating Ghost Town in Ohio

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For the adventurous and the brave, ghost town exploring is an enjoyable hobby. There are several ghost towns in Ohio with questionable stories of abandonment but the following may be the most fascinating of them all, keep reading to learn more.

The community of Sabina can be found in Clinton County, about an hour between Columbus and Cincinnati.

This nearly abandoned town's claim to fame comes from a rather macabre occurrence that's almost too bizarre to believe.
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On a summer afternoon back in 1929, a man by the name of Eugene walked into town. He appeared to be sick but he left town so quickly nobody seemed to notice. A few days later, his body was found dead on the side of a highway. After further investigation, it appeared he passed away from natural causes. Now, all police had to do was identify the body.

Eugene had no identification of any kind on him, just a slip of paper with an address written on it. 1118 Yale Ave in Cincinnatti—which lead to nothing but a vacant lot.

Eugene was then taken to the local funeral home where he was embalmed and held for identification—an identification that was sadly never made.

The body sat on a couch in a small building behind the funeral home. When word got out of this rather strange display, people came from near and far to see Eugene. Over the years, millions of people from all over the country came to Sabina to observe Eugene, yet no one recognized him.

After a disrespectful prank involving college students who stole the body and placed him on a park bench on campus was discovered, it was decided that it would finally be time to bury Eugene properly.
Photo byJay Stevens/unsplash

Today, Eugene rests in a grave in Sabina’s cemetery. The tombstone reads: “Eugene, Found Dead: 1928, Buried: 1964.”

The small village of Sabina was never quite the same again. Since then, the town has undergone a slow but steady abandonment. To learn more about this odd Ohio legend, check out these YouTube videos below.

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