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Most People Have Forgotten About this Abandoned California Amusement Park

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There’s something particularly unsettling about an abandoned amusement park—the crowds, excitement, and laughter that once filled the park seem to linger long after the park shutters its doors. In northern California, you'll find what was once a popular family destination that now sits decaying in the middle of the woods. Keep reading to learn more.
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J's Amusement Park was a fun family destination open for decades in the small town of Guerneville. This charming family-owned park opened its doors for the first time in the 1960s. At its peak, the park contained a wooden roller coaster, madhouse, race track, mini golf course, bumper cars, and plenty of rides.
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Due to rising costs, J's ultimately closed for good back in 2003. For a few years after its closing, the park was used for camping and even a haunted attraction for Halloween until 2015. For years after that, it has stood completely abandoned, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Pictures of the abandoned amusement park are eerie just as much as they are fascinating. To see some photographs taken by urban explorers back in 2008, be sure to check this site here.
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In 2019 it was announced that the entire park would be destroyed in order to make way for a new glamping resort. Most of what remained of this old-fashioned amusement park has been reduced to piles of splintered wood, scrap metal, and broken asphalt chunks.

To see more of what this property used to look like, be sure to check out this video uploaded to YouTube.

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