This Amish Bakery has the Largest Cinnamon Rolls in the State of Wisconsin

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The day that someone figured out they could cover a slab of dough with cinnamon and sugar, the world changed indefinitely. Wisconsin carries the tradition started that day with some of the best bakeries in the country and one of the very best can be found within Green Lake County, keep reading to learn more.

If you've never heard of Pleasant View Bakery, you're seriously missing out. This made-from-scratch Amish bakeshop sells everything from fresh bread to pies, jams, and some of the biggest cinnamon rolls we've ever seen.

Nestled in the town of Dalton in central Wisconsin, Pleasant View is located in the heart of Amish country, and it is certainly worth the trip through the scenic country roads to try.
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Pleasant View is housed inside an old charming farmhouse and there's often a line out the door. The baked goods that await you are well worth the wait. Here you'll find freshly baked pretzels the size of your head, a wide selection of donuts and pies, and gigantic cinnamon rolls.
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These mouth-watering treats are served on plates that are barely big enough to contain them. The frosting on top is thick and sweet. This must-try item can be shared, but you'll probably want it all to yourself.

The Pleasant View Bakery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 am until 4 pm in the summer, and in the winter, (October 1st through March 31st) the bakery is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am until 4 pm. Keep in mind that the bakery is cash only and does not have a phone number you can call or an official website.

Address: N9541 Kiefer Rd, Dalton, WI 53926

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