This Entire Neighborhood in Georgia was Mysteriously Abandoned

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Georgia is home to dozens of abandoned places. As industry changes and the landscape of America transforms, many communities, buildings, and sometimes entire towns fall into decay. This is the story of a subdivision in Dawson County about an hour north of Atlanta. What was once a thriving community during much of the 20th century now sits in abandoned ruins. Keep reading to learn more.
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The Greenleaf subdivision off Anderson Lake Road in the town of Dawsonville abrupty halted construction in 2006 and never started back up again. Today, the area leaves behind a creepy post-apocalyptic-looking scene.

Many rumors have circulated over the years but nobody knows exactly why these houses were never completed. Many have concluded that the neighborhood was abandoned due to a mortgage fraud scheme.

In recent years, the county has worked on the demolition of the neighborhood but the future of this subdivision remains uncertain.
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Over the years, many of the homes fell victim to heavy damage from trespassers and vandals. Of the 60 proposed lots, 18 were in complete disrepair.

As of earlier this year, 39 of the proposed lots in the subdivision have been purchased by the authority, and plans to hopefully move forward with redevelopment are currently underway.

To learn more about this abandoned neighborhood, be sure to check out this fascinating video uploaded to YouTube back in 2016 before most of the homes were torn down.

Have you ever visited this abandoned neighborhood while it was still standing? Let us know in the comments section.

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