One of the Most Haunted Roads in America is Located Here in North Carolina

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Seemingly ordinary and somewhat picturesque during the daytime, many of North Carolina's haunted places can be hard to spot at first. However, upon further investigation and attention to local legend, these areas suddenly tell a different story.

If you grew up in Forsyth County, you're probably already familiar with the legends surrounding Payne Road. This creepy single lane road begins at NC 66 just northwest of Rural Hall and runs east for 2 miles to South Friendship Road, where the name changes to Bolejack Road. This area has been a popular attraction for many curious minds over the last 60 years.
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Abandoned decaying buildings, winding curves, and an unexplainable dark presence lingers in the air here. There are several different legends that explain the haunting that surrounds Payne Road, all up for debate.

The most well-known theory is that of plantation owner Edward Payne. After finding out his daughter was impregnated by one of the slaves, he violently murdered the slaves and eventually his entire family. Burning his entire plantation down in rage, many surrounding residents at the time believed he fell into a dark devil worshipping spell.
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Another popular local legend surrounding the road is tied to a young man who was driving late at night, who crashed his car next to where a chapel once stood. As his car was ignited in flames, he was reported to have died a slow and painful death. It is said that if you drive down this road late at night and pass that particular curve in which he crashed you can still see the headlights of his old Ford following you before suddenly vanishing without a trace.

In addition to these bone-chilling theories, this third rumored legend may be the most terrifying. In the 1800s, a man lived in a farmhouse in this area with his family. After constant fights with his wife, he decided their children were the root of their problems. The man eventually gagged his wife and bound her to a chair in their living room. He then took each child upstairs and murdered them. People believe to this day that if you drive down this road and whistle "Dixie" the woman's ghost will appear. Visitors have also reported hearing the cries of a baby coming from the old well.
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Whether or not you believe this area is haunted, there is no arguing the fact that some of the most bizarre and twisted events have taken place on this road. Payne remains one of the most fascinating roads in the country that curious visitors still flock to.

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Address: Payne Rd, North Carolina, USA.

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