This Entire Neighborhood in Pennsylvania was Mysteriously Abandoned

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Most people are unaware of this completely abandoned neighborhood in Allegheny County.

In a state like Pennsylvania, it is not that unusual to come across a ghost town. But there's something about this abandoned community that makes it particularly fascinating.
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The Lincoln Way neighborhood is located just south of Pittsburgh in Clairton. It was once home to around 40 houses spread out throughout this cul-de-sac-designed street. In recent years, many have collapsed or mysteriously burned down.
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Constructed in the early 20th century, Lincoln Way was once a thriving black community inhabited by an enclave of large families that relied on each other. The street was home to a church and several stores including a butcher shop, gardens, and orchards all of which fed the residents.

Nobody truly knows why the neighborhood became vacant however, there is no shortage of local legends that have begun to circulate over the years. One of the most popular theorizes that a beast of some sort used to roam the area, eating pets and scratching on the doors of residents. Families began to flee in droves until only the elderly residents remained, all of whom have since died or been taken into care facilities.

A more probable cause of abandonment stems from the fact that as the decades went on, many children and younger folks decided to move away, men who worked at the nearby mill died, and elderly residents passed away. The effect of the growing number of abandoned homes was devastating to this community that was already struggling to draw in new residents. The last house was vacated in 2012, and now all that remains is a collection of decaying homes.
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While entering structures remains illegal, a walk through this street is sure to invoke a sense of intrigue and eeriness. To learn more about the neighborhood of Lincoln Way be sure to check this interesting video of the neighborhood that was uploaded to YouTube a few years ago.

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