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The Legend Surrounding this Haunted New Jersey Street is Terrifying

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Seemingly ordinary and somewhat picturesque during the daytime, many of New Jersey's haunted places can be hard to spot at first. However, upon further investigation and attention to local legend, these areas suddenly tell a different story.

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Hidden beneath its beautiful, shady trees, Clinton Road in West Milford is actually the site of some pretty intense haunted legends. It has long been a hotspot of bizarre sightings and paranormal activity.

Desolate and primarily located in the forest, this 10-mile stretch of road can be found in Passiac County along the border of New York State. There are actually two bridges located along this road and nobody knows which of them is haunted so if you're looking to visit, you're going to have to make a stop at both.

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While there are several different legends that surround this area, one of the most popular is that of a young boy who accidentally drowned in the water under one of the bridges. His spirit is rumored to haunt the area. It is believed that if you throw a penny into the water here, he will throw the penny back at you...very spooky.

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The dense forest trees that surround this road are definitely foreboding so it comes as no surprise that many other rumored legends have popped up throughout the years. Some of the most interesting include reports of bigfoot, trucks driven by ghosts, and bizarre humanoid animals crossing the road at night. While most of these sound pretty outlandish, it is true that a man died in a gruesome car accident on this road back in 2011, further fueling the dark energy that can be felt along this road.

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Address: Clinton Road, Clinton Rd, West Milford, NJ, USA.

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