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The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Pennsylvania is Terrifying

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Cemeteries have long provided comfort and solace for those mourning a heavy loss. They let us visit our loved ones to feel closer to them and maybe depart a loving gift upon their grave. Most cemeteries are quiet, qauint, and peaceful places. There are some however, that have a bit of a darker energy. Keep reading to learn more about one of the most notoriously haunted cemeteries in Pennsylvania.
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The Strasburg Cemetery can be found just off of Main Street in downtown Strasburg, a small town in Southern Pennsylvania. The cemetery was incorporated on July 12, 1866, and remains one of the oldest cemeteries in the state. It stretches 3.5 acres and contains over 1,000 memorials.

The story of the haunting that surrounds the Strasburg Cemetery begins with the sad story of Annie Gonder, described as the black sheep of her family. Legend has it that she was so disliked by her family that she was forced to live alone in the smaller family home while the rest of the family lived nearby in the Gonder Mansion, a house built by her brother who was a railroad tycoon.
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Annie was eventually found dead in a local creek in 1918. How or why died remains undetermined. Residents have long pondered if it was merely an accident, suicide, or something more sinister. After her sudden death, residents reported seeing her ghost inside the Gonder Mansion. It has also been reported by visitors to the graveyard that she can be heard laughing maniacally.
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In recent years, many who visit Annie's grave have reported seeing an eerie white light or fog of mist surrounding her tombstone. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the story of Annie Gonder is undeniably tragic. To learn more about the history surrounding the Gonder family and the Strasburg Cemetery, be sure to check this article out here.

Address: 50 W Franklin St, Strasburg, PA 17579.

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