Virginia is Home to an Abandonded Town Most People Don't Know About

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Virginia is one of the most historic states in the U.S. and because of this, it definitely has its fair share of abandoned and forgotten communities.

A village known as Union Level in Mecklenburg County was once a bustling town located along the horse and carriage line. It is now one of the largest ghost towns in Virginia filled with plenty of remaining buildings that will take you back in time. Keep reading to learn more.
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Union Level got its start about 200 years ago in the 1800s. The town was conveniently located along a rail line that served southern Virginia along the North Carolina border. The town was filled with charming country stores, houses, and even a church.
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By the early 1900s By the rail line was abandoned leaving the town isolated. Residents slowly began to flee. Today, Union Level sits mostly untouched and slowly decaying.

Union Level Today

If you visit the town of Union Level you'll find that it very much feels like a portal into the past and there are so many fascinating things to explore here. A walk past the town's gas station will reveal old gas pumps and signs indicating that gas once cost just 35 cents a gallon.
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The state of Virginia has deemed the abandoned town a safe place to explore and visit. You'll notice there are plenty of no trespassing signs posted on most of the buildings here. They are boarded up and illegal to enter.
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Whether you find this town creepy or intriguing, it will certainly remain a unique part of Virginia's history.

Address: 3130 Union Level Rd, South Hill, VA 23970.

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