This Little Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurant Serves Some of the Best Clam Chowder in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is a state abundant with amazing seafood restaurants. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to discern which seafood joints are good, and which ones are great.

Depending on where you live you probably already have your own personal favorite spot to order a lobster roll and fresh cup of chowder, but if we've learned anything from the experts, some of the best and most mouthwatering restaurant establishments are hidden in the most unassuming places.
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Woodman's of Essex is one of those places. Located along the eastern shores north of Boston, this classic seafood establishment has been open for over 100 years and is an absolute must-visit.
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This roadside clam shack has been a community favorite for decades. Over the years, Woodman's has received countless accolades. The restaurant was even recognized by Forbes Magazine for offering some of the best seafood in the entire country.
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Woodman's got its start back in 1914 by “Chubby” and Bessie Woodman. In 1916, Chubby invented the fried clam. He debuted his clams coated in corn flour and deep fried at the local 4th of July parade. Unsurprisingly, the fried clam became a huge hit. Since then, Woodman's has been regarded as home to some of the best clams in the world. The business has stayed family owned and operated for five generations.

Inside Woodman's, not much has changed. You'll notice old wooden booths, original signage, and a chalkboard proudly displaying all the delicious food this restaurant has to offer.
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While fried seafood platters and lobster rolls seem to be the main draw at Woodman's we believe they also have some of the best clam chowder in all of Massachusetts.

Served in a Woodman's logo cup with a side of thick oyster crackers, you can order their clam chowder in a size small or large. Containing nothing but the classic ingredients including potatoes, onions, minced clams, cream, and butter, this clam chowder is a no-frills dish that simply needs to be tried to fully understand just how delicious it is.

Customers have flocked to Woodman's for their impeccably fresh and irresistible seafood staples for decades. Have you tried the clam chowder at Woodman's? Let us know what you think of this seafood joint in the comments.

Address: 119 Main St, Essex, MA 01929, USA

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