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New York State Has its Own Area 51 and it is Fascinating

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New York state has its fair share of weird and unusual places. From abandoned ghost towns to haunted buildings. These places are usually shrouded in folklore and urban legends passed down through generations. Some places however boast their paranormal history with road markings and signs.

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Historic Thompson Park in Watertown is one of those places. In 2013 the park decided to make things official by installing road signs declaring the park as New York state's " Area 51."

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From the outside, however, nothing seems out of the ordinary here. This seemingly ideal outdoor oasis is located near Lake Ontario in northern New York. Historic Thompson Park is home to a playground, hiking trails, tennis courts, and even a small zoo.

Investigate a bit further and you'll be shocked to learn that there have been several events and strange happenings that have occurred at the park over the years.

According to many eyewitnesses, the park is home to an unexplainable paranormal vortex that reportedly transports visitors to another time and space only to return them confused and disoriented. In addition to this, mysterious disappearances and reappearances have long been a legend since the park opened in 1905 according to NNY Living.

In 2007, The Shadow Chasers of New York were asked to bring in their paranormal equipment to further investigate what was happening at the park. The team was able to detect bands of electromagnetic fields (EMF) which formed a grid in the park. Exposure to EMF can cause a myriad of different side effects, from headaches to hallucinations. The team hypothesized that the high EMF exposure was causing confusion and hallucinations which led people to believe that they had traveled to the past.

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Whether or not the presence of aliens is the cause, the park remains a strange little stop nestled within Upstate New York. Visitors travel from near and far to take a picture of this now infamous sign and maybe experience a little escape from the present.

Have you ever spent time in the park and noticed something strange? Let us know in the comments section.

Historic Thompson Park is open year-round from 7 am until 9 pm.

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