There’s An Abandoned Submarine Museum in New Jersey and it is Fascinating

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Most people are unaware of this decaying naval museum hiding within The Garden State. While there are many unexpected historic sites located within every corner of New Jersey, this museum is a fascinating treat, keep reading to learn more.

Located in Hackensack, this abandoned museum can be found along the Hackensack River and remains visible from the Court Street Bridge.
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Once an interesting museum that featured the WWII submarine ship known as Ling, at its peak in the 1970s, guided tours were given throughout the ship where guests could come face to face with old military equipment and guns.
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Before its final resting place in New Jersey, this 312-foot, 2,500-ton World War II-era submarine had a very short life at sea and then became a training vessel in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. In 1972, the USS Ling was transferred to the Submarine Memorial Association, a non-profit that was established to save it from being sold as scrap and to interpret its historical significance. The ship became a functioning museum just a year later.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused severe flooding along the Hackensack River which in turn severely damaged the museum. Silt buildup along the river also damaged the structure surrounding the submarine and the site completely closed to the public in the year 2016. Touring the inside of the submarine is no longer possible as a leak began to develop over the past few years.
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Today, the submarine remains abandoned and stuck within a buildup of silt and mud on the Hackensack River and has fallen victim to vandalism in recent years. Earlier this year, the ship made it onto's list of 10 most endangered historical sites in the state of New Jersey.

The submarine will require a full overhaul that comes with significant costs to repair. As is is currently one of only five remaining submarines of its class, Preservation New Jersey hopes to garner enough support to restore and stabilize this relic of the past so that future generations to come can view and learn more about the important history of the 20th century.

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