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There's an Entire Village Hidden Underwater at this Arkansas Lake

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Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, many communities throughout the United States fell victim to flooding. In order to control heavy rainfall, states built dams to control lakes and other large bodies of water. In turn, many small villages and towns drowned beneath them.
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From 1901 until the mid-1930s, the town of Monte Ne was a bustling community featuring a resort. Today, it’s a pretty good place to go fishing. Many of the town's structures still stand beneath the water. Keep reading to find out more about Monte Ne, an incredibly intriguing abandoned underwater town in Arkansas.

Monte Ne was a community located within the Ozark Mountains on the edge of Beaver Lake in northwestern Arkansas. The community was owned and operated by William Hope Harvey, a financial theorist and one-time U.S. Presidential nominee. During this time, the town boasted some of the largest log buildings in the world known as Missouri Row and Oklahoma Row, hotels built to house tourists to the resort. The resort was not a financial disaster due to Harvey's failure to manage the resort's funds. Shortly after his death in 1936, the property was sold off in lots.
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Discussion of damming the White River for flood control began in the 1930s. By the 1960s those plans quickly came to fruition. By 1964, Beaver Lake was created, completely submerging the town of Monte Ne.
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Today, concrete and stone towers surround the lake. They were once the prominent hotels known as Missouri and Oklahoma Row. They now sit in heavily graffitied ruins.
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In 2005, the lake's water sat at historically low levels. Many pictures were taken to capture just how eerie the lake began to look. The base of the old amphitheater came into full view. Fishers sat atop the structure. Old remains of the uncompleted pyramid sculpture's retaining walls also came into view.

The lake has become a site of interest for intrigued scuba divers who swim by the amphitheater to get a look at the submerged structure. The water at Beaver Lake is moderately clear and temperatures are comfortable.

The Monte Ne Resort Ruins can be found at 10101-14299 Charlton Drive in Rogers, Arkansas.

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