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Visit a Mysterious Metaphysical Grocery Store in Las Vegas

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Have you ever had a dream that felt like reality? Well, you could describe Omega Mart as a reality that feels more like a dream.

Opened last year, this Las Vegas grocery store is not your typical market. Omega is a permanent art and technology installation located just off the Vegas strip in what is known as Area15.

Imagined by the popular Santa Fe artist collective known as Meow Wolf, Omega Mart will be the company's largest experience to date. This installation spans 52,000 square feet within Area15 and is by far the biggest tenant in the complex. It took a very large team to build this elaborate installation. Omega Mart has more than 325 artists to thank. From painters to architects, playwrights, engineers, and graphic designers from around the world.
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Omega Mart is described as "America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store." When you first step inside that is exactly what Omega Mart is designed to look and feel like–an exact replica of an ordinary American supermarket. Complete with delis, freezers, and aisles of canned goods.
Greg Harlow/Burst

Take a closer look however and you'll notice things to be a bit off. Logos and food labels all read "WAKE UP!" in various fonts and colors. Herein likes the beginning of what will peak visitor interest. Behind this grocery store facade, you'll find a portal filled with otherworldly dimensions.
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This unique sensory experience is filled with lights, sounds, robots, and exhibits. There's no one way to take in everything Omega Mart has to offer. Visitors can simply indulge in the sensory overload or dig a little deeper to uncover an intricate storyline that involves an evil parent organization named Dramcorp.
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Using portals located throughout the experience, visitors can explore Dramcorp’s factory and offices to further investigate the conspiracy. For an additional $3, visitors can even purchase an RFID card designed to specifically unlock computer files to dive deeper into the mystery.
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Another exhibit, titled Projected Desert, is more of a mystical world containing transcendental spaces. Here you'll find 20-minute looping videos playing music alongside a kaleidoscopic landscape. This immersive experience is designed to make visitors feel as if they are hoping between different dimensions. It's not uncommon to find that one room can contain a secret passageway into another world.
Kate Russell/Unspalsh

Overall, Omega Mart is made to feel fun and playful yet also intellectually stimulating where guests are encouraged to push further both mentally and physically.

Tickets for Omega Mart can be purchased for $50 and discounts are available for military and locals. To avoid large crowds, it's recommended to go earlier in the day.

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