8 of the Most Amazing Caves in Ohio You Must See Before You Die

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One of the world's most interesting geological wonders, Ohio is actually home to an impressive amount of caves. From large openings and overhangs with deep recesses to caves covered in stalactite crystals, all of the caves featured on this list are easily accessible and open to the public for exploration.

These caverns contain some of the most beautiful landscapes and rock formations to create a fascinating world of their own. Keep reading to find out more about these incredible Ohio caves and where you can find them.

Ohio Caverns | West Liberty, OH

Ohio CavernsBridget Varney/Unsplash

Open year-round, the Ohio Caverns are the largest of all cave systems here in Ohio. Completely underground, tours are available for purchase and will walk you through an hour-mile-long journey through these historic natural wonders. Often described as "America's most colorful cave" some formations here contain brightly colored red and maroon rocks. Expect to see plenty of crystal-like formations as well.

Seneca Caverns | Bellevue, OH

Seneca CavernsSharon Ackerman/Unsplash

One of the area's largest underground caves, exploring the Seneca Caverns is a very unique experience. At a chilly 54 degrees, you'll be immersed in this underground world via natural stone step ways and paths. Visitors can climb through stone formations at the "Earth Crack" or see a crystal clear stream flowing through the lowest level of the cave at 110 feet below ground.

Crystal Cave | Put-in-Bay, OH

Crystal CaveBethany Baker/Unsplash

A pretty limestone cave containing large celestine crystals up to 3 feet wide, tours of the Crystal Cave cost just $10 and offer extensive history guides and a 5oz glass of wine or grape juice from Heineman's Winery.

Ash Cave | Hocking Hills State Park

Ash CaveLeah Groves/Unsplash

One of many spectacular sites to behold at the Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave is an enormous natural cavern surrounded by the forest and scenic waterfall. Measuring 700 feet from end to end and 100 feet deep, Ash Cave is one of the largest in the state. Located in the southernmost area of Hocking Hills, you can access this cave through the Ash Cave Trail that's wheelchair accessible.

Chapel Cave | Hocking Hills State Park

Chapel CaveCarol Simon/Unsplash

Known for its chapel-shaped recess, this cave was once known as the Twenty-one Horses Cave, and you might even see some horses on your hike up to this hidden gem. Access this cave from the Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve entrance in Rockbridge, Ohio.

Old Man's Cave | Hocking Hills State Park

Old Man's CaveGregory Connors/Unsplash

The most popular area of the park, Old Man's Cave offers visitors a stunning gorge that cuts across the rock formations and leads to a serene pool of water. The trail to Old Man's Cave is completely free to hike taking about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Rock House | Hocking Hills State Park

Rock HouseRandy McNeel/Unsplash

Known as the only true cave in the park, Rock House features a tunnel-like passageway located 150 feet in the air. The unique rock formations here feature smooth and jagged edges in lighter orange hues. You can enter this trail loop from the upper or lower parking lot which is about a mile long in length.

Whispering Cave | Hocking Hills State Park

Whispering CaveHenry Hall/Unsplash

Whispering Cave opened to the public in 2017 and has quickly become a favorite spot of many. This new cave is almost 300 feet wide and features a gorgeous, 150-foot waterfall on its upper rim. To access this cave, take the Hemlock Bridge Trail. The hike is 1.5 miles long and takes about a half-hour to complete. Along the way, you'll encounter cliffs, stairs, and even a swinging bridge.

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