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6 Hidden Places to Explore in Pittsburgh

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There's so much to see and do here in Pittsburgh, from chowing down on Potato Patch fries, to touring the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, there's certainly no shortage of cool places to explore. Alternatively, there are dozens of lesser-known, hidden gems to check out around the city.

Reference this list the next time you're in the mood to adventure around the city blocks and uncover some overlooked places.

Clement Freeway

A hidden alleyway between Liberty Beer and Trace Brewing is where you'll find Pittsburgh’s free and legal graffiti wall titled Clement Way. This art installation is constantly changing and makes for an interesting backdrop to snap a photo or hang out and watch graffiti artists practice their craft.

Celment FreewayTim Wheeler/Unsplash


Acacia is hidden in plain sight along East Carson Street. An unassuming location for a lounge, the front entrance to this speakeasy looks boarded up as if it's out-of-business. Inside, however, you'll find an intimate lounge with a rotating list of classic and creative cocktails.

Beechview-Seldom Seen Greenway

A secluded walking trail located in a Pittsburgh park, Beechview features an abandoned railroad overpass, which now serves as a canvas for vibrant graffiti art. There is also a beach area located along the creek that some people like to swim in on hot days. To find Beechview travel along Saw Mill Run Boulevard towards Mt. Washington. You'll notice a dome-like structure with a parking lot near it–that serves as the official trail parking lot. Once you enter the trail, you'll notice a wooden structure leading up the hill, climb up the stairs and you've arrived.

Beechview Seldom Seen GreenwayGregory Connors/Unsplash

Mr. Smalls Funhouse

What was once an 18th-century Catholic church, The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls now serves as an eclectic music hall featuring Nationally-recognized acts spanning all genres of music from indie to hip hop. Located just past downtown Pittsburgh, Mr. Smalls looks like a completely regular church from the outside.

Commerce Bar

Well off the beaten path, Commerce Bar is located in an alley on East Liberty. Once inside you'll find a Prohibition-era bar complete with a cocktail menu featuring a selection of both era-appropriate drinks and innovative concoctions determined by a roll of three dice. Each dye represents one spirit and two flavors, whatever you roll will determine what kind of drink the bartender will concoct. Currently only open for private parties, we do hope Commerce opens for regular business soon.

Commerce BarKeenan Kelley/Unsplash

Gravity Hill

What seems to be an unassuming road to most, others claim is a natural phenomenon. Located along McKinney Road in Allison Park, legend has it that if you put your car in neutral as you drive down the hill, instead of slowly descending down you'll notice your car rolling uphill.

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