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Brooklyn puppy rescued near Holland Tunnel

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We love a feel-good story with a happy ending. This is certainly one of those stories.

According to this New York Post article published on Sunday, Bailey, a 7-month-old German Shepard puppy managed to escape its yard in the neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn on the morning of Friday, April 29th.

From there the puppy traveled through Gowanus Bay, a 1.8-mile-long canal connecting Brooklyn to the island of Manhattan. A researcher who was doing work on a barge eventually spotted Bailey swimming at around noon that day and got on his paddleboard in the hopes to get the pup back to shore. He was eventually successful in luring him back to the rocks.
German Shepard PuppyJohn Lewis/Unsplash

Meanwhile, his owners distributed fliers in the hopes of his safe return. Having had no idea their dog was already practically in another borough.

Suddenly, on the afternoon of Saturday, May 7th, a minute-long video was posted on Twitter showing the German Shepard puppy running ahead of cops through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel in lower Manhattan.

It's not an everyday occurrence to see a dog running in and out of traffic in the tunnel. Posts and pictures soon began to surface online.

Bailey's adventure did not end in the tunnel. The German Shepard managed to exit the tunnel at Trinity St, according to police.

It was not until the following day that the dog was spotted in Jersey City. Port Authority Emergency Service Unit officers immediately contacted the Jersey City Police Department after sightings were reported.

Bailey was found on the second floor of the parking garage of Home Depot near the Holland Tunnel, police said, but he had managed to squeeze between fencing and out onto a dangerously high ledge above the sidewalk. An officer was able to follow the dog out onto the ledge and safely rescue him.

It was a total of a nine-day adventure for Bailey, who ran through two tunnels, traveled through two different states, and swam part of the East River before finally being rescued in New Jersey, nearly 5 miles away from his home.

Found a bit skinnier and with a wound on his leg, Bailey was released to the Hudson County-based Liberty Humane Society, for further treatment, according to Port Authority police. They are in the process of reuniting Bailey with his owner and finding a foster who can help the pup become less fearful and more adjusted to humans. 

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