The Coolest Hidden Bars you Must Visit in NJ

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During the Prohibition Era, many drinking establishments made the choice to keep the party going and continued to serve liquor in hidden bars tucked away in basements and alleyways. They became known as speakeasies and were usually run by organized crime figures. Patrons were expected to follow the rules of the restaurant and "speakeasy" by ordering alcohol without raising any suspicion.

After Prohibition ended, some of the places on this list became legitimate bars, and some are still in operation today. Keep reading to learn more about these cool speakeasy bars and the fascinating stories behind them.

The Rab⋅bit Hole | Bloomfield, NJ

An Alice in Wonderland-inspired speakeasy offering a surreal escape from reality, where patrons can sip on unique drink concoctions and even listen to house music at night. You can find this hidden bar behind the back door at Blue Steel Pizza Co.
Craft CocktailsSamantha Hurley/Burst

Murphy's Tavern | Rumson, NJ

More than 100 years ago, Murphy's Tavern secretly opened its doors during the start of Prohibition. The secret saloon was located in the basement of an ordinary house and conveniently located near a river to allow easy access to rum-runners and smugglers alike. Today, this speakeasy offers live music, darts, and fun trivia nights.

Thirty3 | Towaco, NJ

An intimate Prohibition-themed speakeasy named after the celebratory year in which liquor became legal again. Here you'll find cocktails, leather sofas, and hidden passages. Getting in however is no easy feat. Guests will find a bookshelf located inside Rails Steakhouse. Once there, they'll have to find a specific book and enter a code to be granted access.

The Laundromat | Morristown, NJ

This list wouldn't be complete without the Laundromat. We love a speakeasy that seems truly hidden and random and the Laundromat is certainly one of those places. You'll go from walking into a completely unassuming room filled with laundry machines to a gorgeous hidden bar with live music and great drinks. Just be aware that guests must be aged 23 and up.
LaundromatShopify Partners/Burst

The Junto Attic Bar | Jersey City, NJ

One of the swankiest speakeasies we've ever seen. Guests will feel like they are transported back to another time at this secretive location inside the Franklin Social. You'll be able to order off their ala carte menu that includes a variety of small bites and cocktails.

Cowans Public | Nutley, NJ

Enjoy an authentic Prohibition Era experience here at Cowans. Set inside a building from the 1920s, Cowans Public became a secret bar in 1934 during Prohibition. The speakeasy pays major homage to that time with wallpaper, stained glass, and an art deco-inspired bar.

The Irish Pub | Atlantic City, NJ

One of the last standing speakeasies in the city, The Irish Pub opened back in 1900. Guests will enjoy Phrohibition-Era decor, super cheap food, and drinks. Another reason we love this place so much? It's open 24/7.

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