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New NYC owned Restaurant opening in Millburn

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In the next few weeks, Springbone will be opening its first NJ location at 321 Millburn Ave in Millburn. Here's everything you need to know about this New York based healthy eats restaurant.

Springbone was founded back in 2016 by two young NYC residents, Sam and Jordan. They wanted to create a restaurant for people who struggled to find the time to prepare wholesome healthy meals for themselves. After scouring delivery apps and looking at the local restaurants around them they realized quickly that even the places dubbed as "healthy" still didn't seem to offer that simple, wholesome, and healthy food approach that they craved.
Springbone's Opening Week in Greenwich Village back in 2016

The two then went on to open the beautiful cafe as we know it today. From the calming blue of their logo to the sleek and impeccable design of their stores, Springbone is the true embodiment of a simple, wholesome lifestyle. As of right now there are locations in the Financial District, Greenwich Village, and Williamsburg. This location in NJ will be the only Springbone that's located outside of New York City. It has been confirmed that the NJ location will look similar to these other locations.

Over the years they have become most famous for their "bone broth" a light yet nourishing food. The broth is made from meat, veggies, and herbs that sit together for up to 24 hours to release all their nutrients. The broth contains 0 grams of sugar, less than 1 gram of carbs, and less than 150 calories. A much healthier option compared to smoothies and juices that have been gaining traction in the health world.
Bone Broth Jars

The restaurant currently offers over 8 different broth options including beef, kimchi, chicken, shiitake, and even a vegan broth. In addition to their broth Springbone also sells soup, salad, protein bowls, a few healthy breakfast options, small sides and even a healthy dessert menu. You can expect everything on the menu to be made from wholesome ingredients and 100% gluten free.
Mexican Bowl

Once opened, Springbone intends to have hours similar to their other locations from 10am to 9pm and will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What makes the new location in Millburn a bit more unique is the extra space that will be available that will allow customers to enjoy their food inside the restaurant as opposed to the smaller locations in NYC that don't have enough space to accommodate that.

Springbone will also be available for pickup and delivery orders.

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