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It’s so important now more than ever before to remember to shop small. It's no surprise that smaller businesses are definitely struggling right now. The pandemic and rise of giant one stop shops like Amazon are just a couple reasons why small businesses may one day cease to even exist.

But why does keeping small businesses around matter? You may ask. Well, for one they make up about 8 million jobs in the United States. The more you shop at your local store, the more potential job opportunities you are helping them provide.

When you shop small you’re also investing in your local community. Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in so that means the tax money is used to support public schools, parks, and even roads and sidewalks.

We all know how easy it is to quickly pull up Amazon on your phone, search for whatever it is you need and quickly have it sent to your house within minutes. This habit we’ve gotten into is negatively affecting our world in many ways. Harming the environment, exploiting factory workers, and putting hundreds of other retailers out of business; just to name a few. That’s why it’s so important to stay mindful and shop with intention rather than just convenience. Our actions have consequences so the sooner we embrace shopping small the sooner we can reverse some of the damage done and turn our towns and cities back to vibrant and exciting communities filled with opportunity.

Below is a guide on how to start shopping small. You’ll quickly realize that it isn’t as inconvenient as you once thought.

Use the power of social media.

One of the easiest ways to search local businesses is by heading to Instagram. This platform allows you to quickly search your city or town by geo tag and conveniently compiles a grid of photos users or the businesses themselves have uploaded in that location. I love seeing what a restaurant looks like or what cute coffee shops are around before actually heading outside. You can also search hashtags if you’d rather get more specific in your exploration.

Social media can also be used to help promote local businesses in your area too. It takes only a few minutes to write a positive yelp or google review. Even the simple act of tagging a business in your Insta Story can help promote it and get other people to start shopping/eating there.

Turn it into a day of exploring.

Social media not your fave? No worries. One thing that makes shopping small so much more fun than just scrolling through Amazon is actually going outside and walking around your neighborhood. Not only does this make you feel more connected to where you live, it’s also so satisfying to find a cute shop selling something unique rather than buying the same exact pair of sunglasses online everyone is wearing.

Stay connected.

Once you find some solid local spots the next step is to stay connected. Signing up for a small businesses’ loyalty program or even following them on instagram can help your score some major discounts. It will also remind and motivate you to keep the good habit up!

Bottom line? You’re going to feel good.

Knowing you’re helping to support a family or contribute to your local community is always more rewarding than ordering from a giant corporation. So get searching for some cool businesses online or in your neighborhood today.

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