Things to do in New Zealand. A trip to this jurassic country is like no other country in this world.

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New Zealand is getting ready to open its doors to international visitors in 2022. Travel in New Zealand is safe, easy, and exciting. The natural wonders are unique, and some of the national parks are Jurassic. The two islands bordered by 9,000 miles of coastline offer epic nature, space, and friendly people. A trip to New Zealand is like no other country in this world.
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In New Zealand, there are a few cities and quaint country towns surrounded by rolling hills, farmlands, mountains, and some incredible national parks. Road trips in New Zealand offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience where sometimes (in some areas) you will find yourself driving on a highway with no one else in sight. So it's easy to get off the beaten path in New Zealand. And while some areas are heavily touristed, you can still find space and solitude.

Please read on, and we will let you know some of the most incredible things in New Zealand and why you should visit in 2022.

The bush

The New Zealand bush consists of over 20,000 million hectares of native and exotic forests. Tall ancient trees, ferns, shrubs, and native flowers spread across the country. Some of the national parks are so Jurassic with the 100s of years old trees and huge canyons dropping into rivers or the sea. Some amazing hikes range from a few minutes to a few days that showcase the beauty of nature in New Zealand.

New Zealand has no deadly spiders and no snakes. The scariest animal in New Zealand is the mosquito. However, if you get bitten, there is no malaria or dengue, or any other mosquito viruses.

The remoteness

Speaking of viruses, New Zealand is so remote that when the world got caught up in the pandemic, New Zealand was among the last countries to get it. Therefore, we were able to take precautions to eradicate the virus based on the lessons learned by other countries.

The remoteness also means we are not as heavily touristed as some countries, as it is harder to travel to New Zealand. In some areas, you will find you are the only tourist there.

The friendly people

Ok, if you want to see and meet people, you can. It is easy to strike conversations with people in New Zealand. Kiwis are a very well-traveled bunch and are keen on socializing with travelers.

New Zealanders are always willing to help tourists, as was apparent when many got stuck in New Zealand with little money during the pandemic. Many were welcomed by Kiwis (New Zealanders) and offered free rooms.

The beaches

The beaches in New Zealand are far removed from what you may see in Europe. To start with, no umbrellas or deck chairs are cluttering the beach. Sometimes there are not any people.

Some beaches have people, of course. The busier beaches are closer to the main cities and include harbors with pleasant promenades or jetties.

Additionally, some holiday hot spots with beach resorts are scattered around the islands.

On the West Coast, the beaches have pounding surf, and on some beaches, you can go 4WDing.

The lakes, rivers, and waterfalls

New Zealand is overflowing with waterfalls. The West Coast and Fiordland National Park are the rainiest parts of New Zealand, so they are the most abundant. There are also plenty of lakes and rivers, all surrounded by some of the most epic nature that you have ever seen.

Additionally, New Zealand has a great measure of geothermal activity. Therefore, there are hot springs scattered around the country. These thermal springs have many nutrients.

While some hot springs are designed into swimming pools, there are also many natural pools such as Hot Water Beach. This unique spring comes from the ground. You dig a hole in the sand at low tide and then soak away your worries.

Thanks for reading. We hope one day you will get to travel to New Zealand.
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