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Head to L.A.'s Arts District for an immersive adventure. Here's your 25% off discount code

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If you need an escape from reality this week, you will love this Los Angeles experience that offers to help you escape to faraway worlds. This out-of-this-world immersive experience will entertain you and your family and visually stimulate you. With only a few days left to view the time-warping wormhole and surreal worlds and with a 25% discount offered, now is an excellent time to go.

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Read on to find out more about this out-of-this-world immersive experience in Los Angeles and how to get a 25% discount.

Adventure at the Madcap Motel

Experience Los Angeles's must-see 17,000 sq. ft. immersive adventure at the Madcap Motel. The interactive entertainment venue in downtown Los Angeles is a retro space featuring 18 rooms full of interactive and sharable experiences.

Initially intended for a March 2020 release and delayed due to the pandemic, Madcap Motel is currently accepting tourists seeking an escape from reality.

The experience unfolds in a restored, once abandoned 1960s motel. Then you enter a portal to an alternate dimension where you can explore the hidden rooms and passageways behind each motel door.

Stroll into the world's first-ever time-warping wormhole, roam the jungle atrium, and immersive yourself into other visual oddities & wonders.

There is also a photo booth and a gift shop at the end.

Here's what people are saying about their experience at the Madcap Motel -

"We had a lot of fun and brought our baby with us! She loved looking at everything. Everyone was super accommodating and even included her in the event... So fun!!" - Carolyn Chacon Lovo.
"At first glance, Madcap seems to be just another Motel-California, but once you go inside, you realize it's somewhere... else. The staff are all extremely personable, and they even seem to enjoy when you ask them questions (although their answers might confuse you). The hygiene of the place is impeccable - literally *everyone* was wearing a mask! I wish I could document everything that happened, I had so much fun there - but, alas; a hedge-monster stole my notes just as I was stepping through the portal to Elsewhere..." - Thomas Hite.
"Madcap Motel was a really fun and unique immersive adventure! When you enter you're whisked away from reality and taken to a strange and unusual interactive Motel. Lots to see with creative rooms to explore and "staff" to talk to. You want to make sure you take lots of photos. My kids (12 and 17) enjoyed walking around and experiencing all crazy things happening. I highly recommend this to anyone!" - Malia Whitaker.

The Madcap Motel will be temporarily closed for maintenance beginning October 25th, so this is your last chance to attend this immersive experience.

If you've wanted to visit but time or funds have been short, now is your last chance with the Madcap Motel's generous discount. Simply use the code GLITCH for 25% off your tickets to the Madcap Motel.

Bookings and more information are available at www.madcapmotel.com.

Hours of operation -

Friday 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Sunday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Location - 940 E 4th St. Los Angeles. California. (Entrance located on S. Hewitt Street.)

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