This underground garden in California is a hidden gem. Add this best-kept secret to your travel plans this year

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Are you dreaming of travel to somewhere new, exciting, and exotic? You are going to feel like you have stepped into a fantasy world when you visit this magical California garden in Fresno.
Forestiere Gardens on TripAdvisor.

Considered Fresno's best-kept secret, the garden is a living museum and a subterranean escape from the summer heat. It is worth the travel out of your area just to see this stunning garden.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Underground Gardens is the vision of a Sicilian immigrant in the early 1900s, Baldassare Forestiere. He turned useless farmland into a vast hand-built labyrinth of underground rooms, tunnels, courtyards, and passageways reminiscent of the ancient catacombs.

California's best-kept secret, the Forestiere Underground Gardens allows you to escape into a surreal world. You will marvel at the arches, vaults, and stone walls in Ancient Roman architecture and the unique fruit-producing trees, shrubs, and vines growing underground. Some are over 90 years old!

"To make something with a lot of money, that is easy; but to make something out of nothing - now that is really something." — Baldassare Forestiere.

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Touring Forestiere Underground Gardens

Forestiere Underground Gardens offer a one-hour-long walking tour to view the gardens. The tour includes a visit to the Underground home of the Sicilian visionary Baldassare Forestiere.

A tour guide accompanies you on the tour and makes sure you do not miss the best attractions. You have the opportunity to learn about Baldassare Forestiere's life and work and see his grandest creations and view the hand-built labyrinth of underground rooms, passageways, and courtyards reminiscent of the ancient catacombs.

Reservations are required. The price is $21 for adults, $11 for children.

The California gardens are open Thursday through Monday from 9 am to 3 pm. (These hours may change for the low season after October 30th, 2021.) Check out their website for current opening hours, travel directions, and more information on tours of the Underground Gardens.

Travel times to Forestiere Underground Gardens, 5021 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, California.

Travel from San Francisco, California - 4 hours.

Travel from Los Angeles, California - 3 hours 45 mins.

Travel from Sacramento, California - 3 hours.

Upcoming Unique Underground Experiences

If you time your travel to these California gardens right, you can attend the Forestiere Friday experience on October 15th from 4 pm - 8 pm.

This event includes live music, food, and drinks, including BBQ, crepes, many more delicious treats, and an artisan market.

It is for all ages, first come, first served, and with a cover charge of $10 cover at the door.

Here is what TripAdvisor travelers are saying about their visit to these California gardens -

"Unique by all means. So much effort by a single human to create something special that is a must see attraction in Fresno. The whole place will amaze you." - Traveller_123.

"Holy cow is this place awesome!! Absolutely a must see in Fresno! What one man did by himself will blow your mind! Our tour guide, Miss Davey, was awesome, and the info is just incredible!" - Amanda J.

"Such a fascinating place to visit. It truly is a best-kept secret! Our guide was so knowledgeable and kind. I only wish I could've met this great man. I did sit quietly and contemplate his presence and his motivation and strength. You must stroll here for yourself, it's definitely worth experiencing." - Ibeautify619.

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