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Feel happier and improve your mental health by doing these mid-week activities in Los Angeles

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Life is not just about working 40 hours a week and then having two days to enjoy yourself. When you do things after work to make you feel happier, you will also feel happier the next day. Take some inspiration from these things you can do mid-week in Los Angeles to make you feel happier and improve your mental health. Start living your best life today.

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Go to the beach for a late afternoon walk and swim

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles is lucky, but you are blessed if you live within a half-hour drive from a local beach.

Whether you prefer a beach with lots of fun activities like Venice Beach or Santa Monica, or a beach in a spectacular natural setting such as Malibu's Point Dume State Beach with its dramatic cliff's edges, Los Angeles has a beach for your preference.

Alternatively, you may prefer your beach visits to include stunning coastal walks or tide pools. Then you could visit a beach such as Sacred Cove Beach or Abalone Cove Beach.

Or, you may opt for panoramic views stretching across Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean with moderate hikes such as the ones available at Paseo Miramar.

Beaches make you feel happy, relaxed and promote good mental health. Regardless of whether you prefer beach swims or trail hikes, nature watching, or people watching, there is a beach for you if you live in Los Angeles.

Go to the drive-in cinema

There is nothing more laid back and enjoyable than sitting in your car, snacking on your favorite snacks, and watching your favorite classic or current new release movies.

Los Angeles knows how to do drive-in cinemas. You have choices from over two dozen drive-in cinemas. Some of them pop up, and some are permanent.

So, just jump in the car and take your loved ones out for a night of snacks and escapism.

Read 17 drive-in cinemas open in Los Angeles this weekend for a list of cinemas that offer drive-in movies in your area.

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Dine out

When we work full-time, nothing feels more like a vacation than dining out and devouring tasty food and drinks. For 2 or 3 hours, it's an opportunity to leave your worries behind and indulge yourself.

Los Angeles is fortunate to be the home of world-class chefs delivering cuisines from all over the world. It means that whatever food and drink you fancy, you will likely find.

To make it feel extra special, we recommend you go somewhere new, somewhere you have wanted to go for a long time, or somewhere where you can eat out with a stunning beach view.

We have written about some excellent restaurants offering sensational food and drinks in Los Angeles. Read these stories next to give you a few ideas.

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Experience Los Angeles's street food scene this weekend.

Watch the sunset

No matter where you watch the sunset, it is a fun activity to help you relax. But the best thing about sunsets in Los Angeles is you get to see the sun setting into the sea. This is something many other U.S states don't get to do.

The beaches in Malibu offer some fantastic photo opportunities at sunset time. Alternatively, you could go to one of the beautiful Newport beaches if you live in or near Orange County and combine it with seaside sunset drinks. Plus, Newport beaches have some of the best restaurants offering spectacular sea views and fine dining. You can find a list of them at DiscoverNewport.org.

Alternatively, you can watch the sunset over the city from viewpoints at Griffith Park or Ascot Hill Park or opt for a Los Angeles rooftop bar.

One of the best views in Los Angeles is from Venice's High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin. The laid-back bar has panoramic Pacific Sea views, as well as music and good vibes. The sea views are breathtaking, the sunsets are dramatic, and you will feel like you are on vacation! There's no other way to feel happier than that.

Go out for late afternoon drinks

This brings us to our favorite way to relax mid-week. Going out for drinks is one of the best ways to make you feel happier.

We prefer ours with sea views and sunsets or a rooftop bar. However, you can even take a picnic and bottle of wine and sit in Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles.

An evening out, whether with a partner, family, or friends for a few drinks, can make you feel happy, carefree and inspire creativity for your week ahead.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about making your workweek more fun and making you feel happier. Once you start thinking about ways to find joy in your life, ideas for activities to make you happier will come to you no matter what day of the week.

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