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This California campground is the No. 3 Top Campground in the U.S. It's just 3 hours travel from Los Angeles

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Popular camping app, The Dyrt, has just picked the Top 10 U.S. Campgrounds 2021. The list includes a California campground. It is only 3 hours travel time from Los Angeles. So, we took a closer look at why people love it so much and how you too can camp there.

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Next weekend escape from the city and travel out to the fresh air and gentle mountain breeze. Just take a California road trip only 3 hours out-of-town, and you will find the unique mountain paradise of Alabama Hills Recreation Area, California.

Please keep reading 'This California campground is the No. 5 Top Campground in the U.S. It's just 3 hours travel from Los Angeles' to find out more about how you can camp in one of the top U.S. campgrounds.

Alabama Hills Recreation Area, California

Not only is Alabama Hills Recreation Area, California ranked as No. 3 in the list, but it also provides free dispersed camping and allows pets.

Travelers to the area go for photography of the natural arches and geological wonders, rock climbing, and nature trails. The recreation area features the boulder formations of Alabama Hills with the Sierras as an added backdrop.

California's Alabama Hills Recreation Area is only 3.5 hrs travel time north of Los Angeles. So it is an easy trip to make for a long weekend vacation or three-day mid-week break.

You can choose to camp anywhere on over 30,000 acres offering panoramic views of the Sierras. However, please note there are no amenities, so camping is strictly for hardcore campers used to wild camping. You need to bring your food and water too.

Additionally, there is no or limited cell phone service.

Though, there is a small California town, Lone Pine, 4 miles away. Lone Pine has restaurants, fast food, grocery stores, and gas. For those who are not into camping and would rather have the comforts of a queen bed in a motel room with an ensuite, there are motels available in Lone Pine. You can then spend the day in the recreation area and go back to your motel in the evening. Make sure you stay for the magical sunsets.

Alabama Hills, California.Nick Rickert on Unsplash

For campers, expect space to call your own with epic views of colossal rock formations, expansive valleys, and natural geological wonders. The ultimate travel adventure!

There is wildlife aplenty such as rabbits and birds and incredible stargazing opportunities.

"This place is a dream. Free dispersed camping anywhere you see, & pretty well-maintained dirt roads throughout. The landscape is just beyond beautiful, and the area is so big to explore. There may be other people, but it would be a challenge to run into them unless going on one of the more popular hikes." - S E., The Dyrt.

There is no reservation system; it is first-come, first-served. So be wary of traveling there on California state holidays. Some people have reported crowds at the campground, which is increasing in popularity over the last few years.

Other nearby campgrounds where you can stay

Some private campgrounds in the area offer facilities such as restrooms and drinking water.

Tuttle Creek Campground, has a creek running through it, offering fishing opportunities. There is also Portuguese Joe Campground and Lone Pine Campground.

If you wish to travel to Alabama Hills Recreation Area, please visit the Bureau of Land Management for more information.

(Source- Bureau of Land Management, The Dyrt)

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