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It's time to start thinking about packing your bag and going on that long-awaited bucket list trip. Luckily, after a year of limited travel, you will find many options are coming up to travel overseas.

The three most exciting European countries to travel to have extraordinary architecture, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, unique culture, and diverse adventures.
Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terrre, ItalyBob Osias on Unsplash

The three European countries on this list are ones that every person should visit at least once in their lifetime. Please keep reading to discover the three exciting European countries we recommend visiting as soon as it's safe to travel again!


If there is paradise on Earth, Greece is it. The Greek Islands are on many people's bucket lists. We love the Greek islands.

However, we also love exploring and traveling around mainland Greece. Captivating places like Delphi, Meteora, and Athens are full of so much antiquity, culture, and charming churches.

But for many people, travel to Greece is all about a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea around the Greek Islands. Days spent indulging in the sun and eating and drinking are what holidays are made of. And the Greek Island offers this and more. So rent a beachside villa, spend your days dining out in Greek restaurants, and you will be in heaven.

Combined with one of our favorite international cuisines and vibrant culture, we would love to travel again to Greece to eat and indulge our senses in the lively music and historic sights.
Travel to the Greek IslandsJohnny Chen on Unsplash


Everyone is talking about Italy. That's because Italy is timeless. The food, the ruins, the old towns, and the beaches make it a fun vacation.

Some of the world's most impressive ruins and churches and the most famous museums are in Italy.

But one of the highlights of many travelers to Italy is the fantastic beaches and dramatic coastlines.

Mostly, we love road trips in Italy and have been on two there. We love driving around in Italy and the many small villages and old towns we pass on the way to larger well-known cities.

Whether you love road trips or guided tours, Italy is a country that will fill your heart with joy and your senses with passion.

"I have to say this was one trip that I will never forget. Italy is a great country to visit if you never have been there... Some people will never even make it out of their city or state and we were able to see four different areas out of the country in Italy. We had the most amazing service one could imagine... We even got to experience going into to an "Italian's" home to eat home made pizza which was made with their own personal veggies grown in their back yard. This was my first time out of the country and I will definitely travel more." - ZEUSREUS, Tripadvisor.
Travel in Venice, ItalyMonterosso al Mare, Cinque Terrre, Italy 2016.


They say food makes a holiday, and it could not be more true for a holiday in Spain. Spain is a foodie heaven, and the cost of beer is very cheap too! Travel in Spain revolves around sampling the many delightful tapas and other tantalizing meals.

Spain also has a multitude of old towns, lively plazas, and elegant churches.

The thing that we love most about Spain is the outgoing people. We love the way Spanish people live with a zest for life. The culture and lifestyle are about family and friends and enjoying more time with them. It is also about doing things you love and enjoying life instead of working longer hours. The Spanish culture embraces food, music, the arts, and history, which makes travel to Spain a memorable vacation.

Of course, there are spectacular beaches and islands too!
Barcelona, SpainDaniel Corneschi on Unsplash

We think that if you have time and budget, you could combine a three-country road trip tour, including Greece, Italy, and Spain. They are our three favorite countries in Europe, and they will likely be yours too!

Tour companies such as or offer tours to these three countries.

A note on sustainable travel

Bear in mind that many people want to make up for lost time and travel in the coming year.

You may encounter crowds at some of the more popular destinations. While you want to see these famous attractions, we recommend you combine your vacation with visiting lesser-known destinations.

Visiting lesser-known destinations will not only take the pressure off heavily visited sites but will help spread your tourist dollar to communities that need it.

It also enables you to see more of the culture and have a more unique experience too.

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