Why you should travel to Italy when international travel is safely possible

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According to travel guru Rick Steves in his new travel documentary Europe Awaits, Italy is the place to travel to as soon as international travel is possible. We couldn't agree more! Travelers love to go on vacation to Italy. It is abundant in delicious food and wine, stunning beaches and landscapes, and breathtaking ruins and churches.

Italy is an excellent country for road trip travel as there are so many fascinating towns to explore. Additionally, it is one of the best countries in Europe to travel to for lovers of fashion, art galleries, museums, and opera!

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Here are some of the reasons for you to go to Italy when it's safe to travel again.

Italy's beaches

Italy has over 5,000 miles of coastline and has some of the most astonishing stretches of coastline you will find in any country.

Beach culture is huge in Italy, with beach clubs, sun loungers, and umbrellas on all the bigger beaches. Italians love to spend the day eating, drinking, swimming, and socializing at the beach.

Italy's spectacular landscapes embrace Italy's beaches, and there are some captivating towns on hilltops with grand views of Italy's coastline. Travelers particularly love the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre.

Additionally, Italy has over 400 islands. Some have their own languages and cuisines, and it feels like you are in another country.

Sicily, one of the larger islands, is one of the favorite travel destinations of Rick Steves. In his travel documentary Europe Awaits, he recommends travel to this charming island for its rich history and cuisine.

The scenery

Italy's unique scenery is diverse with huge mountains and alps, rolling hills, farmland, and rugged coast.

One of Rick Steves' favorite regions and featured in his new travel documentary is the stunning landscape and "good life" of Tuscany with its vineyards, pastoral hills, and mountains.

"When the time is right, Americans will rekindle their travel dreams, and Europe will greet us with a warm and enthusiastic welcome... It's good to dream — and once we emerge from this pandemic, it will be even better to travel." - Rick Steves.
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Historic buildings, churches, and old towns

We have traveled through most of Europe. Many countries that border the Mediterranean have excellent beaches. But no other country has so many enthralling old towns as Italy.

Additionally, and a highlight, is Italy's many historic churches. You could visit over fifty churches in Rome in a day! (if you start early and move quickly!)

We love Italy's vast collection of antiquities, ranging from over 1,000 years of the Roman Empire and prior civilizations. From Rome's ruins, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, and the gorgeous buildings of Venice, which comprises 100 small islands separated by canals Italy is full of historical wonders.

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Also, you will find many old towns in Italy have ancient theatres, temples, or buildings.

We love that while you are driving to a larger town, you come across a small old town with an ancient castle and church. Some of these small towns have hardly any tourists there, and they are always fun to explore for a few hours.

Additionally, many of the larger towns in Italy have historical centers with medieval streets. Florence, Rome, Genoa, and Venice are some of the standouts.

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Wrap up all the stunning views with some of the tastiest food you will ever eat, and Italy is a delight for the senses. Pizza, pasta, seafood, coffee, gelato, and wine... we are in heaven!

We are sure you will agree with Rick Steves and ourselves, Italy is a country you should travel to as soon as it is safe to travel! Or, add Italy to your travel bucket list. It is a country you should visit at least once in your life.

When travel is accessible again, where will you go? We are interested to know your thoughts. So please kindly share them in the comments with NewsBreak readers and us.

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