Not ready to travel yet? Here's how to satisfy your wanderlust at home

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If you are not ready to travel yet, we can help you get your travel fix at home. The best thing about having a travel experience at home is that you don't need to spend hours organizing flights and accommodation. Additionally, you don't need to spend hours traveling to the destination or checking in.

You are also able to forgo the queues. There is no need to queue for our first tip for satisfying your wanderlust at home, and there are no crowds. Read on to find out how to satisfy your wanderlust at home.
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We have spent the last two years in New Zealand. Most of the time, we stayed at home due to lockdowns. As travel writers, that was a massive task for us. Therefore, we spent many months looking for ways to satisfy our wanderlust and find ways to have the travel experience from home.

We turned our lockdown into a staycation by doing a few things that made it feel like we were on holiday. Here are our best ideas on how to satisfy your wanderlust at home. Today is an ideal time to start.

Virtual Travel

The world is at our fingertips like never before. Online we have access to so many fabulous places in the world. The Vatican Museum, The Smithsonian Museum, The British Museum are just some of the museums showcasing their exhibitions online.

The best thing we loved about our virtual visit to the Vatican Museum is there were no crowds. We could also zoom in and see the displays from closer than we did when we were there. And, without the masses, we had more time to read about the collections.

With thousands of museums and galleries offering virtual tours, it is an excellent way to satisfy your wanderlust at home. Google Arts & Culture Collections is a good starting point to see art worldwide.

Besides galleries and museums, offers virtual tours with street views all around the world. There are tours of city streets, arts, and buildings. It is hours of fun and a brilliant way to see a city without even going there.

Additionally, many national parks offer webcams showcasing wildlife and nature. The wildlife and outdoor webcams provided by the National Park Service are astounding; you feel like you are there.

Eat, drink, be merry

Travel is all about food and trying different cuisines. We find it one of the most exciting parts of travel.

To replicate that feeling, we have an international-themed dinner. We get online recipes, have fun learning to cook them, and then put on international music for the atmosphere.

If you don't like cooking, you can order from an international restaurant that you don't usually go to. It will also help support a local business.

Don't forget to start with drinks, for those who drink. We think that all good vacations do, and nothing gives us that holiday feeling more or helps satisfy wanderlust than a fancy drink.
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You could even make it a wine and cheese event and buy some international gourmet cheeses you don't typically have the chance to sample. Add in a selection of wines from different countries, and you have your own wine tasting event.

However, our favorite way to get the holiday feeling and satisfy our wanderlust is to make cocktails. Cocktails are our go-to drink when we travel, so we spent the last year learning to make cocktails.

Learn the type of things you learn when traveling

Learning new things is a part of travel. It includes the history of a place, geography, culture, and language.

During our time at home, we enjoyed learning stuff we would have learned while traveling.

We did this by watching online documentaries about places we wanted to visit. Netflix, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel are good starting points where you can find exciting shows about places that interest you. Additionally, you can find travel movies on Netflix.

YouTube is also a great source. Search for a holiday destination you are interested in traveling to and find documentaries on the area.

But for us, one of the most fun things we love when traveling is learning new languages.

There are many language apps or language lessons on YouTube. Learning the basics makes you feel as if you are on a travel adventure.

Online travel chats and blogs

By far, the most significant way we satisfied our wanderlust was by joining Twitter travel chats. For travel lovers worldwide, these chats enable the participants to not only connect with other travelers but to showcase their photos of their past trips.

Additionally, why not spend the day reading travel blogs or watching travel vloggers on YouTube.

We once spent six hours watching videos of Koh Tao, Thailand. It was fascinating, and by the end of the epic session, we felt like we had been there and were ready for sunset drinks!
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Relax as you do on holiday

Sometimes, satisfying your wanderlust is simply about living in the moment. Lounge in your backyard with refreshments and make it like you are at the beach and just relax or meditate. Meditation can mentally take you to far-off places.

And don't forget to spend a day reading just like you do when you travel. There are travel books with amazing stories of expeditions to exotic locations, magazines with articles of destinations that will inspire your wanderlust, and guidebooks for any country in the world.

These are the ways we satisfy our wanderlust while at home. But, as a consequence of satisfying your wanderlust at home, you may end up with the travel bug! So while you are there, make a bucket list and plan for the future. Planning trips are fun and are another way to satisfy your wanderlust.

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