A Healthy Lifestyle for 2023


A Healthy Lifestyle for 2023

23 Ways to Get Healthy in 2023

by Amanda Jane Snyder

A Healthy Lifestyle for 2023

23 Ways to Get Healthy in 2023

23 Ways to Get Healthy in 2023Photo byAmanda Jane Snyder

Whether you're setting resolutions or not in 2023, here are some simple steps you can take that don't require too much time or effort.

23 Ways to Get Healthy in 2023:

1. Do Something Hard

If you're going to do anything this year, this is probably the mother of all. It summarizes and encapsulates all of the items listed below especially if the items listed below are challenging for you. There's nothing better for strengthening our mind than doing hard things. Do something hard once or twice a week to prove to yourself that you CAN do hard things. Pick something from the list below that feels HARD or CHALLENGING for you. Pick the thing that you HATE the most and try doing it at least 1x a week and see how you do. If 1x a week starts to feel easy, slowly increase the frequency overtime so that it always feels just a little hard but achievable.

2. Less Screen Time

On the contrary to "do something hard", less screen time falls along the lines of limiting things that are extreme releasers of dopamine. If we limit the things in our life that are quick releasers of dopamine, we are resetting our dopamine. Impulsive pleasures usually release more immediate dopamine, but the more we're exposed to quick dopamine fixes, the more we need to pursue higher levels of stimulation in order to achieve the same effect. By limiting our screen time, or limiting other rewards (some of them listed below), like caffeine every single morning at the same time, we're able to reset our dopamine. Plus, there's plenty of other benefits that correspond with less screen time, less caffeine, or less alcohol. Other things that reset our dopamine don't have other health promoting purposes. One example is listening to music when we exercise. If we always listen to music every time we go for a run, the music over time won't feel as motivating. If we limit this reward, again we can reset the dopamine release associated with it.

3. Go for More Walks

4. Drink More Water

5. Drink Less Alcohol

6. Eat More Fruits and Veggies

7. Get More Sunlight

8. Shrink Your Feeding Window (Intermittent Fasting)

9. Cook More at Home

10. Develop a Consistent Movement Routine

11. Spend More Time in Nature

12. Read More Books

13. Drink Less Caffeine

14. Meditate More

15. Spend Time with Loved Ones

16. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

17. Spend Time Relaxing

18. Take Your Vitamins

19. Travel More

20. Clean Up Financial Health

21. Continue Education - podcasts, back to school, seminars, lectures

22. Eat Less Refined Sugar

23. Stick to Your Plan

What do you think? Will you try any of these in 2023? Comment below what you will try and what you already implement regularly.

Amanda Jane Snyder is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Mindset Coach living in Brooklyn, NY. She has been vegan since 2016. She specializes in Strength and Conditioning for Actors, Singers, and Dancers.

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Amanda is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and a Lifestyle/Mindset Coach living in Brooklyn, NY! In the midst of the ever-changing fitness industry chock full of fad diets, Amanda uses her program Forever Fit to help clients find true success through habit change, routine, and making health and fitness apart of their LIFESTYLE! She combines her love for the performing arts with her love of fitness to help actors, singers, and dancers create career longevity.

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