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Missing Dee Ann Warner's Family Must Wait to Get a Fraction of Justice

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Dale Warner, the husband of missing Tecumseh, Michigan woman, Dee Ann Warner, was in court today to face criminal contempt of court charges. Dee’s four adult children were in attendance, as well as, her brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and several close friends. There was no one supporting Mr. Warner, except for his attorney, Larry Leib.

Mr. Warner faced multiple charges of criminal contempt of court for, among other instances of flagrantly disobeying a judge’s orders, diverting millions of dollars of assets from Dee’s estate and concealing his actions from the Successor Conservator, Charles D. Bullock. Mr. Bullock is responsible for protecting the assets of Dee Ann Warner’s estate.

The attorneys from both sides spent several hours in chambers negotiating before appearing before Hon. Katherine A. Sala in Lenawee County Probate Court. The attorneys on Dee Ann Warner’s side have been waiting for Mr. Warner to comply with orders to turn over financial records. Mr. John W. Polderman, attorney for the Successor Conservator, told the judge, “Some progress has been made, but more documents need to be produced.”

The judge agreed with all the attorneys to adjourn the hearing until April 12, 2023.

Dale Warner waiting to face the judge.Photo bythe author, Tracy Stengel

Mr. Warner’s attorney, Larry Leib, said to the judge, “We have produced everything we have been asked to produce and we will continue to do so.”

In response to Mr. Leib’s statement, Gregg Hardy, Dee’s brother, said to me, “That is an absolute bold-faced lie. He is not cooperating.”

Mr. Hardy has not been shy about stating he believes Mr. Warner is responsible for the disappearance of his sister. Mr. Warner and his attorney claim Dee left of her own free will and is probably in Mexico or Jamaica. There is no evidence whatsoever backing up that scenario. There has been no activity on her bank cards, passport, or cellphone for almost two years.

Mr. Warner appeared in court dressed in black. His lawyer did all the talking, but a gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand spoke volumes.

Her adult children are adamant she would have never left their little sister who was nine years old at the time of her disappearance. They have all issued affidavits stating they have never gone more than a few days without talking to their mother.

Mr. Hardy gave me a statement this evening that said, “Today was yet another example of Dale Warner being allowed to procrastinate the inevitable fact that he is guilty. The family and I are extremely disappointed but will be taking further action to achieve ‘Justice for Dee’.”

If you would like background on the missing person case of Dee Ann Warner and want to stay up-to-date, join the Justice for Dee Facebook page for all the latest news.

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