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Investigative Attorney for Missing Person Dee Ann Warner Reveals Her Husband's Latest Actions

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Dee Ann Warner, 52, was reported missing from her rural Tecumseh, Michigan farm April 25, 2021. When almost a year passed without any answers from local law enforcement, Dee’s adult children, her brother, and extended family were at a loss. After seeing Billy Little, Jr., investigative attorney, on an episode of 48 Hours, they asked him to help them find out what happened to Dee.

Little graciously agreed to take the case pro bono in March 2022. “All I’m interested in is finding the truth and getting justice for Dee,” he said. He has been working around the clock and has publicly said numerous times he believes Dale Warner, Dee’s husband, is responsible for her disappearance. You can see some of the evidence he has collected here.

As Little continues to interview witnesses and scour through paperwork, he has uncovered many financial crimes committed by Dale Warner, after Dee vanished, using forged and fraudulent documents.

Last night, Little joined Chris McDonough, nationally recognized retired homicide detective and behavior analyst, on the YouTube podcast, The Interview Room, to give an update. Little cited an article from the November 3, 2022 issue of the Tecumseh Herald. In the minutes of the Franklin Township Board from the October 11, 2022 meeting, there is a Land Division Application made by Dale and Dee Warner’s company, War-Ag Farms (Buyback LLC,) to divide 1.472 acres from the parent parcel.

Terri Moore, Treasurer, moved to approve it and Gordon Whelan, Trustee, supported. The motion carried 5–0 by the votes of Dan VanValkenburg, Supervisor, Susan Whitehead, Clerk, and Mike Kelley, Trustee. The Land Division Committee recommended approval of the application.

Little wondered aloud how Dale could divide the land without the approval of Dee Ann Warner who owns 50% of War-Ag Farms. “You can’t even sell your car if both your names are on the title,” Little mused. Then, Little revealed this particular piece of property is where Todd Neyrinck lives.

Little described Neyrinck as a part of “Dale’s web of support.” He reminded viewers Neyrinck was a long-time employee of Dale and Dee. Neyrinck and Dee had an argument days before she went missing. Dee was very upset Dale took Neyrinck’s side. Neyrinck was also on the Warner property at 3:30 AM the day Dee vanished. Neyrinck benefitted from the illegal sale of Dee’s trucking company to Laidlaw Carriers Bulk by being employed by them shortly after the deal was made. Neyrinck recently served papers to unlawfully evict a couple with young children on Dale’s behalf.

By his own admission, Neyrinck is in deep. Little has tape of Neyrinck telling his “massage therapist” that he is involved in up to his ears in the Dee Ann Warner case. “There is a lot on Todd I’ve not shared. And a lot more recordings on Todd that I have not shared,” Little said.

Why is Dale trying to split off the property Todd lives on? Is he going to give it to him? “In all fairness, there was a land contract, and it was a pretty good land contract, but Todd is almost $50,000 in arrears,” Little said. “It’s funny that after Dee goes missing, guess who stops making payments on that land contract? Todd.”

As time passes without an arrest, Little urges the community not to lose hope. “I’m not going anywhere and if you think I didn’t have a long-range plan, you don’t know me very well. I’ve had a long-range plan from early on in this case,” Little said. “I always have a backup plan, and that back up plan doesn’t include quitting.”

Why do you think Dale wants to divide the land? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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