Help Investigators on the Dee Ann Warner Case Identify This Vehicle

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Do you know who owns this vehicle?Photo courtesy of Billy Little, Jr.

Just weeks ago, during an impassioned rally in Lenawee County demanding justice for Dee Ann Warner, a missing mother and grandmother, Sheriff Troy Bevier announced he had requested Michigan State Police take over the case. The crowd cheered.

Dee disappeared April 25, 2021. Interest in the case intensified when two professionals volunteered their time to help Dee’s family get answers five months ago. Now, Dee’s disappearance is getting national attention. Billy Little, Jr., investigative attorney and decorated war hero, and Chris McDonough, retired homicide investigator and behavioral expert, give frequent updates on McDonough’s YouTube channel, The Interview Room.

In the latest podcast, McDonough and Little discussed a continuing trend of disturbing behavior by Dee’s husband, Dale Warner, and his ex-employee, Todd Neyrinck. Shortly after the rally, Dale sent Todd over to issue an unlawful eviction notice to a pregnant woman with small children. Little explains why they would do this, “Because they believe that the husband, who was not at home when they did this … is a witness to Dale’s criminal behavior.”

A picture of Dale Warner in a vehicle popped up on the screen. He’s smiling and waving. The picture was taken by the driver of the vehicle in front of him. “Here you see Dale right at the bumper, of not surprisingly, another female. There’s a lot of stuff going on with subtle and not so subtle attempts of intimidation,” Little said.

The woman in the vehicle was a friend of Dee’s. In an earlier interview, she assured me Dale was not trying to be friendly when he positioned his truck uncomfortably close to her vehicle at a stop sign.
Billy Little, Jr. and his dog, Butters, at the Justice for Dee rally.Photo courtesy of the author.

Things got more troubling when Little showed a video. After attending the Justice for Dee rally in Michigan, Little made the long drive to his Missouri home. He noticed two men had been following him in a forest green SUV. They were taking pictures or videotaping him. Little was unwilling to say how long he had been tailed. There was footage of Little’s wife rushing into the house and then of Little walking his small dog, Butters, toward the front door. He held a cellphone in his left hand and a shiny, metal object in his right. McDonough referred to it as Little’s “equalizer.”

The driver realized too late there was only one way in and one way out around Little’s property. The camera showed they had to turn around and made a hasty getaway as Little phoned in for back up and called the local sheriff’s office.

McDonough issued a challenge to his valued viewers. “See that vehicle? Let’s find it. Let’s find this vehicle. Put it up in all your social networks. Tweet it. Instagram. Put it out there everywhere in the universe,” he urged.

Little wasn’t scared of the men. Instead, he seemed annoyed with a dash of disgust. He referred to them as “amateurs,” and “not very smart.”

Looking into the camera, Little said, “We’re going to get Justice for Dee. And I am not going anywhere. And you can’t intimidate me. And you can’t make me go away. And if you try, it’s going to end bad.”

The podcast ended with Little saying, “ Thank you, Michigan State Police. Thank you, Sheriff Bevier. Thank you, citizens of Lenawee County, Michigan. You all have really stepped up. You’re making a huge difference and I have your back. You can not be intimidated. I have your back, so don’t worry about it. We’re going to get Justice for Dee. We’re not going anywhere until that happens. Hang in there.”

You can watch the entire podcast here

If you recognize the vehicle in the picture at the top of this article, please call 855-MICHTIP (855–642–4847) or go to Thanks for your help!

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