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Dee Ann Warner’s Brother Refutes Statements Made by Dale Warner’s Attorney

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Dee Ann WarnerPhoto courtesy of Parker Hardy.

Dee Ann Warner of Tecumseh, Michigan has been missing for over a year. Her family wants answers and justice. Last night, Dee’s brother, Gregg Hardy, had a live interview with Marni Hughes on News Nation Prime.

The program began with Dee’s daughter, Rikkell Bock, discussing Dee’s relationship with her husband, Dale, the night before she disappeared. “I knew they were fighting Saturday and I knew it was going to escalate that night. She told me she wanted a divorce and she wanted to leave and sell her trucking company and be done,” Bock said.

Gregg Hardy also weighed in on the argument. “There was obviously a fight. My sister was a confrontational person. There’s little doubt in my mind her husband lost it in that argument and things went really, really bad and she was killed,” Hardy said.

Larry Leib, Dale Warner’s attorney, downplayed it. “There may have been an argument of some sort. It was nothing out of the ordinary,” Leib said.

Dee Ann Warner and her brother, Gregg Hardy in 2006.Photo courtesy of Parker Hardy.

Leib confirmed Dale still believes Dee is in Mexico or Jamaica. “He thinks she’d go where she’d be comfortable and not be found,” Leib said. He seemed perturbed Dee’s family is making an effort to find her. “They have taken the liberty of placing yard signs all over town. They’re doing a good job of trying to tell their side of the story. It’s really offensive, to be honest with you. It really hurts Dale because he didn’t do anything wrong. He feels as though he‘s being blamed for this,” Leib said. He also mentioned the harm it’s doing to Dee and Dale’s ten-year-old daughter.

Dee’s daughter, Rikkell, doesn’t believe her mother just took off and never tried to contact anyone. More importantly, Rikkell said, “She would have never left my little sister with him. Ever.”

Gregg Hardy isn’t buying Leib’s statement either. “The guy is a blundering idiot. His story doesn’t hold any water and he’s provided absolutely no evidence whatsoever about the things that he claims that Mr. Warner feels bad about.” As for Dee and Dale’s daughter, Hardy said the little girl is being kept away from her older siblings and Dee’s side of the family whom she used to see on a daily basis.

Leib said Dee was diverting money into different bank accounts and a letter was found in Dee’s handwriting showing she planned to leave. Here is an excerpt: I know I have to make a change. I don’t know what direction it will be in, but I do know that if I don’t soon, then I will wreck myself. I really want to love life again, smile again, feel love again.

Hardy countered with the fact there have been two conservators working on Dee’s behalf since she disappeared. They did not find anything showing that Dee absconded with any money. Instead, they discovered an illegal transfer of Dee’s trucking business into Dale’s name and he subsequently sold it.

Gregg Hardy.Photo courtesy of the author.

“Dale Warner has not spent any time, any money, any effort, and has provided absolutely no evidence to corroborate his story that she just disappeared or planned to escape,” Hardy said. He also reminds viewers that security cameras don’t show Dee leaving the house, her bank card hasn’t been used, and she didn’t take either of her vehicles. “It wasn’t like my sister, if she were leaving, to hide,” Hardy said. “There’s no way my sister would keep her mouth shut this long, and I mean that very respectfully.”

Leib said Dale’s Apple Watch is further proof of Dale’s innocence. “The biometrics show no elevated heartbeat, no elevated breathing and the GPS shows he was where he said he was, which was at home.”

Hardy claims Dale’s watch wasn’t even synced to his phone. “That’s another poorly presented lie this guy is presenting, trying to defend Dale Warner.” He also said, “Mr. Leib is uninformed, misrepresents the facts, is nothing but a hired liar for Mr. Warner in a bow tie.”

When asked what justice looks like for his family Hardy said, “An arrest and conviction of Dale Warner.”

You can watch the full interview here. I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!

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